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Miami should re-release grade distributions

There comes a time in one's collegiate life where the realization sets in -- learning is not the most important part of college. While the administration and faculty preach about the analytical and problem-solving skills that come with a liberal education, students come to realize that attaining a higher grade point average is far more advantageous. While the two can coexist, one is far more valuable than the other.


America and capitalism: a complicated relationship

Money. We all want it. We want the comfort that it brings. The things that it can buy hardly matter more than when there isn't enough of it to cover their cost. And while money might not buy happiness, but it can certainly buy peace of mind. And even if that peace of mind is as paper thin as the currency traded in for it (and often it is), every now and then, it's all that stands between the "us" that we know, and the "us" that would do anything to get more of it.


Miami Dining: not by the student, not for the students

Amid the buzz and excitement of the beginning of the school year, there is one thing that always brings my spirits down: the first walk back to the dining halls. Coming off the luxury of home-cooked meals, fast food franchises and literally anything not made in giant sheet pans, that first swipe into the dining hall makes my stomach drop - surprisingly, it's the same feeling I get after leaving.


U.S.-North Korea conflict shouldn't disrupt Olympics

As the eyes of the world turn to Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics, many will also be side-eyeing its Northern neighbor. North Korea and the U.S. have continued to brashly threaten each other in order to curtail the other's aggressive military actions. Despite strong words from President Trump, America has failed at its primary objective with North Korea: preventing their attainment of a nuclear weapon. Recently, North Korea has demonstrated being on the verge of developing an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), capable of hitting the continental United States.


How to Be a Man: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're not feeling very secure in your masculinity today and would like to find out how to become a better man, keep on reading. I'll let you in on all the secrets. Yes, I know that I'm just a woman who could never understand such important endeavors, but you're going to have to trust that I have this down to a science. Because I do.


New year, same struggle

One of the most momentous occasions over winter break is undoubtedly the new year, a holiday when our younger selves struggled to stay up till midnight that now consists of getting drunk with our friends. However, for a holiday celebrated by all, there's nothing really special about it. For the most part, we watch TV, see dumb tweets about how bad the last year was and party.


Tips for studying abroad

While most Americans are preparing for another semester of illegal underage drinking, rigorous class schedules and close attention to punctuality, some of us are setting sail toward exotic locations. We may gain gelato weight and may even be pickpocketed within the first month (tag yourself, I'm the person being pickpocketed), it's worth it for the Instagram likes.


Why do we travel?

They say there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers. So the question, "why do we travel?" can't be dumb. However, (and I would bold, italicize and underline that word if possible) there are some answers that are so lacking in intelligence that I find myself staring into the void wondering where we went wrong.


Puritancical progress - today's liberal issue

What does it mean to be someone's equal? For the brave men and women of the Civil Rights era, the answer was simple: the right to one's own body, freedom from the tyranny of corrupt law officials and racist systems of governance and the right to live free of mistreatment based on something as superficial as race. For the LGBT rights movement that began in and helped characterize 1960s America, and continues today, the goal was the same -- the right to be free, to be an American as all other Americans are, unburdened by the institutionalization of hatred.

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