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“The Next Steve Jobs” is a Fraud

This case really captivated me and questioned my definition of morals and standards. To give false hope and inaccurate medical information to the sick and elderly is, in a word, evil. 

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The Song of Monster Hall

As we walked through the dark hallways with nothing but a phone flashlight to guide us, we spotted a rectangular patch of light on the ground. Rushing towards it, we reached the illuminated section, and I gasped in horror. 


Love, Honor, and Title IX

We must show love to the survivors of sexual violence, and it’s time we honor and respect their truth. At a University that showcases pride in their students, we should extend that pride to our students in need. 


The year of choosing me

Yet, even in the midst of the pandemic, I tried to be perfect. Despite everyone in the world going through the same thing, I didn’t want anyone to know that I didn’t have it all figured out.


Tell midterm burnout to take a hike

I’m not saying that you should drop out and backpack for three months on the Appalachian Trail or drive up to Hueston Woods every afternoon. It’s just worth a shot to check out Miami University’s 1000 acres of natural areas. 

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