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MOON Co-Op isn't like other grocery stores in Oxford. This locally owned store aims to provide zero-waste options to its customers.

MOON Co-Op innovates Oxford’s grocery capital

The air smells like fresh produce and delicious meats when you walk through the doors. As you move toward the vibrant and newly stocked shelves in front of you, you overhear friendly laughter coming from the checkout counter. Welcome to MOON Co-Op.

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Best topics to bring up at Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving meals can be incredibly boring. Holding a conversation with family members you didn’t even know you had is always incredibly difficult. But fortunately, I am here. These are the best topics to bring up at Thanksgiving dinner. 

After a six year break, Rihanna has released new music, though it's received a somewhat mixed reaction.

Rihanna’s return to music

On Oct. 26, Rihanna announced that she would release her first single in six years. The long awaited single, which was released Oct. 28, comes in anticipation of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” which was released on Nov. 11.


Miami launches email aliases for transitioning students

When Megan Kridli, a transgender student at Miami University, wanted her Miami account to better reflect her identity, she discovered she would have to delete her old UniqueID and create a new one, which would erase data stored on her old ID. 

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