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Tell midterm burnout to take a hike

I’m not saying that you should drop out and backpack for three months on the Appalachian Trail or drive up to Hueston Woods every afternoon. It’s just worth a shot to check out Miami University’s 1000 acres of natural areas. 


Tracking sexual assault in Oxford

This story provides updates and information about reports of sexual assault seen in the Miami University Police Department’s safety bulletins, as well as sexual assaults reported to the Oxford Police Department.


Pop Culture Convos - Nicki Minaj vs. The Barbs

"Nicki Minaj vs. The Barbs" is the 8th episode of The Miami Student's entertainment podcast, Pop Culture Convos. This week on Pop Culture Convos, our Editor-in-Chief Tim Carlin and Entertainment Editor David Kwiatkowski have a candid conversation about being devout Nicki Minaj fans while also realizing the implications of her controversies. 


Behind the Brick - Beer, Besties and Bricken

"Beer, Besties and Bricken" is the second episode of the semester of The Miami Student podcast, Behind the Brick, which is released bi-weekly. In this episode your host, Anna McDougall, talks about the in and outs of a Saturday in Oxford. She covers everything from darties, to fried chicken, to night time naps and just how the Miami students spend their weekends, when football is not the forefront of Saturday entertainment.

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