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Sean Scott

Sean is a junior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, majoring in journalism and urban and regional planning. He joined TMS at the start of his first semester at Miami and hasn’t looked back since.

This spring, Sean was elected as Editor-In-Chief after holding multiple editorial positions in Campus & Community and Entertainment. He’s excited to spend the next year glued to his inbox and working to grow the TMS staff and coverage.

On the off chance that he isn’t in the newsroom, Sean can be found working on a mapping assignment in Shideler Hall or exploring Oxford’s nature trails. He’s also probably listening to a song by Florence and the Machine, Lorde or Ethel Cain right now.

Sean’s post-graduation plans change every other week, but he hopes that the next year is enough time to come up with a solid idea and stick to it.

At The Student, we strive to do the best work possible in as timely a manner as possible. Editor-in-Chief Sean Scott details our process.

From the editor’s desk: Here’s what makes the news

Each month, The Miami Student publishes more than 100 stories online, and we print a newspaper every other week. Whether you pick up a physical copy or visit our website, you’ll be greeted with a broad range of coverage. But sometimes, you still won’t see the story you want.

After being closed for years, Bell Tower is set to reopen this year, located in the center of campus, making it a convenient dining hall.

Bell Tower Commons reopens, now with robots

“I’m really excited to live so close to something that’s been such a popular topic of conversation all the time I’ve been at Miami,” Williams said. “It’s like a fairy tale or something. Everyone’s always like, ‘Bell Tower — that was magical.’”