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Sean Scott

Sean is a junior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, majoring in journalism and urban and regional planning. He joined TMS at the start of his first semester at Miami and hasn’t looked back since.

This spring, Sean was elected as Editor-In-Chief after holding multiple editorial positions in Campus & Community and Entertainment. He’s excited to spend the next year glued to his inbox and working to grow the TMS staff and coverage.

On the off chance that he isn’t in the newsroom, Sean can be found working on a mapping assignment in Shideler Hall or exploring Oxford’s nature trails. He’s also probably listening to a song by Florence and the Machine, Lorde or Ethel Cain right now.

Sean’s post-graduation plans change every other week, but he hopes that the next year is enough time to come up with a solid idea and stick to it.

Graduation is memorable time and no one wants logistics to get in the way.

Graduation is a month away: Here’s what seniors need to know

It’s that time of the school year again: Graduation. Time to say goodbye to late-night study sessions, 8 a.m. classes and walking 30 minutes to class. Despite the struggles it took to get here, there were good times too. Like meeting your first friend on campus, playing intramural sports or aceing that test you studied so hard for.  

“Dune: Part Two” lived up to the hype for Editor-In-Chief Sean Scott.

‘Dune: Part Two’ is a triumph of sci-fi filmmaking

The words that define “Dune: Part Two” are scale and weight. Like the first “Dune” or “Oppenheimer,” this movie demands to be seen in a theater where the sound shakes your seat and you feel it every time the music swells.

Editor in chief Sean Scott explores “The Movies” as an experience and how the film industry is battling against streaming after attending a reissue of “Dune” in theaters.

We’re ‘Dune’ it again

Thanks to schedule changes by studios in the wake of the writers’ and actors’ strikes, 2024 is pretty light overall on butts-in-seats movies. Reissues like “Dune” certainly help though, and I expect we’ll see more anniversary-type movies trying to fill the space.

The Miami Student will now be covering the Oxford community and the people within it.

Introducing the Oxford Page

On Jan. 28, the Oxford Press page of the Journal-News ran for the last time. The Press started as an independent newspaper for the community nearly a century ago, but it had been an insert for the Journal-News for the past few years. Now, it’s gone entirely.