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Alice Momany

Cafe Lux has closed for the spring semester and will reopen this fall.

Café closure creates inconvenience for students

Due to necessary COVID-19 precautions, Miami closed many facilities for the fall and spring semesters. Among these closures was Café Lux, the European-style café located in Armstrong Student Center. While Café Lux will remain closed the rest of this semester, students can look forward to its reopening and updated menu next fall. 

Two Ogden Hall residents began a Waffle Wednesday side hustle amidst the pandemic.

Waffle Wednesdays: a sweet treat midweek

  After a three-hour Zoom call, first-year Abigail Van Drunen was starving, but all the dining halls were closed. With the cold winter snow falling, she didn’t want to go uptown, so her roommate, Peyton Kirkland, made her waffles.  The two roommates of Ogden Hall then offered to make more for other students in their hall, charging 50 cents a waffle, and a business was born.