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Alice Momany

Despite Collin's Law requiring universities to implement hazing education in rush processes, Miami will not be changing anything about its Greek Life education.

Miami University to maintain Greek Life modules

Following the passing of Collin’s Law this summer, Ohio colleges and universities are now required to implement hazing education as well as prevent issues that allow hazing to continue. But Miami University has had a self-led Greek course since 2018, and at this time won’t be changing its requirements for Greek-affiliated students.

President Gregory Crawford has lunch with a group of Bridges Scholars back in 2017. The prestiged program celebrates its 40th anniversery this year.

Miami University celebrates 40th anniversary of the Bridges Program

Wayne L. Dancie, a student at Miami University, was walking across a bridge on Western Campus when he decided “Bridges” would be the perfect name for his new program that would increase diversity at Miami. This November, Miami University’s Bridges Program is celebrating its 40th anniversary.