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Letter to the Editor: on Liberty and Amorous Relationships

The Miami University Senate is considering a policy to ban all amorous relationships between faculty and students and between graduate students and undergraduate students. Although well meaning, the proposal poses a threat to the liberty and associational rights of faculty, staff, and students; and it infantilizes students. 


Open Letter to the Miami University Community: Viruses know no borders, have no nationalities

We write to register our alarm at hearing widespread national references to COVID-19, or the global coronavirus pandemic of 2019 and (now) 2020, as the “foreign virus,” the “Chinese virus,” or the “Wuhan virus.” Not only is such rhetoric false, it is also dangerous.  Loneliness and fear are intrinsic risks of any public health crisis under the best of circumstances. Medical nativism just escalates all the risk of isolation and anxiety our Chinese students might face.


Letter to the Editor: Gov. Mike DeWine is a perfect example of Love and Honor

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, Miami University officials announced that Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine will serve as the spring 2020 commencement speaker. This news was met with varying opinions from the Miami community. Some current students, alumni and parents threatened to boycott the ceremony and faulted the university administration for being “too conservative" on Miami's Facebook page. Others believed that, in today’s divided climate, commencement speakers shouldn’t be political figures. A few praised the decision, citing DeWine’s long history of public service in Ohio and his exemplification of the Code of Love and Honor. I had the honor of interning for "Team DeWine" on his gubernatorial campaign in 2018, the summer following my freshman year. Before I started, I didn’t know what I believed nor who I wanted to become. I grew up in a conservative household, but I was hesitant to take a side when I arrived at Miami because I didn’t want anyone to label me as racist, misogynistic or anything that fits the typical (but false) Republican stereotype of today.


Letter to the editor

As a former VAP and now-instructor at Miami University, I wholeheartedly agree with a designated midterm exam week leading into fall break.

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