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Letter to the Editor

The Hateful Environment on This Campus Needs To Be Brought To Attention

A few weeks ago, a racist picture was sent by now-former ASG Senator, Maxwell Hessling.  The Miami Student, while doing good work with the original story and editorial they published, failed to note that the offensive meme that was posted by a member of the College Republicans.  It is important that things like this are stated and put to the forefront, and that groups on campus condemn this type of behavior in their own groups and to their friends exhibiting harmful behavior. When the article was published in The Student, I contacted a member of the College Republicans executive board to ask if they were aware of this and whether they would be doing anything about it. 

Black Action Movement 2.0: We demand more than recognition

Since its founding in 1809, Miami University has failed to cultivate a culture that is welcoming and receptive for its Black students. Historically, the actions taken by administration, while recognized, simply are not enough. We, the Black Action Movement 2.0 (BAM 2.0), on behalf of Miami University's Black community, are holding administration accountable for effectively combating the issues plaguing its Black students. Therefore, these are our demands.