Established 1826 — Oldest College Newspaper West of the Alleghenies

Reagan Rude

A student speaks with Abel Stose, chief of police of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, whose visit to Oxford was sponsored by the Menard Center.

The Menard Center: A place to flourish civically and intellectually

High school teenagers gather in a circle, engaged in passionate discussions of contemporary politics. Six college students work with a nonprofit to provide aid for displaced refugees. Another student assists a summer camp for homeless children, and another creates a documentary about the importance of public libraries.

Sam Norton, the editor-in-chief of GreenHawks, is excited to continue covering climate-centered issues in The Miami Student.

GreenHawks announces plan to merge with The Miami Student in the fall

Next semester, a new section will be coming to the Miami Student: GreenHawks. Currently an independent student publication at Miami University centered on sustainability and the environment, GreenHawks Media will merge with The Miami Student and continue covering climate-related issues around Oxford and beyond.