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Ava Kalina

Winter break is great for some and far too long for others.

J-Term gets a bad rap, and it shouldn’t

Miami University’s “J-term” this year was a three-and-a-half week term pushing the spring semester to Jan. 29. This means a long winter break for Miami students: six weeks in total. The break can sound daunting, but it’s extra time for students to work, travel, study or simply relax after a grueling fall semester.

Fast fashion isn’t your fault, but you can slow down

We were born into consumer lifestyles, we ingest the advertising everyday in our media and we face the struggle of feeling the need to be ‘in style’ all the time. Don’t blame yourself, but don’t fall into the trap of fast fashion.

It’s time to stop making suicide jokes

I’ve been surprised — and, honestly, really disappointed — at the amount of casual dialogue surrounding suicide I’ve heard here at Miami University. Casual dialogue, not in a comfortable conversational way, but in an inconsiderate, joking manner. 

Opinion columnist Ava Kalina, pictured above (right) with her sister (left) in childhood, enjoyed catching fireflies in her backyard as a child -- but is worried about the rapidly falling rates of her beloved bugs.

I want my grandchildren to catch fireflies

The sticky, warm air of the DC Metropolitan area has always been a haven for the precious Lampyridae, commonly known as fireflies, lightning bugs, glowworms or moonbugs (even though they are technically beetles).

Give your body some love

“If you’re craving sweets all the time, then you’re not giving yourself enough love,” the woman said. Her words changed my life.