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Madeline Phaby

Madeline is a senior from Frankfort, IL, majoring in history and sociology. She has written about a wide variety of topics during her three years at TMS, but she primarily focuses on ASG, academics and the history of Miami. 

Additionally, Madeline is the editor of the food section.

Outside of TMS, Madeline is an RA, a pledge trainer for Alpha Phi Omega, the secretary of Adopt-A-School and a research fellow for the Humanities Center (yes, she’s exhausted). 

When she can find a sliver of free time, Madeline enjoys watching baseball (go Sox!), thrifting and going on long, aimless drives with friends. 

After she graduates from Miami, she hopes to attend law school and become some sort of human rights attorney. 

To leave feedback or pitch a story, you can contact Madeline at

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