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Madeline Phaby

Assistant News Editor Madeline Phaby is a junior from Chicago, Illinois, majoring in history and sociology. She joined TMS on a whim during her second semester at Miami, and she still can’t believe she’s snagged an editorial position. Madeline loves studying and writing about Miami and Oxford history and can often be heard trying to convince her editors that TMS needs more historical content. This year, she’s also serving as the Miami Student’s Associated Student Government beat writer. Madeline listens to music constantly, and she’ll bop to anything from Bach to the Beatles to Beyoncé. She’s also a huge baseball fan (go Sox!), and many of her fondest memories involve Sunday afternoons at the ballpark with her dad. After her time at Miami, Madeline hopes to go to grad school for U.S. history and eventually become a super dorky professor.

A squeamish woman’s experience with donating her plasma

I was eventually led to the blood drawing area: a row of chairs attached to carts holding tubes and blood bags. I started to feel nauseous – I hate needles, and bodily fluids make me squeamish. Nevertheless, my desire for a free shirt carried me through, and I sat down and prepared to be harvested.

Liz’s chocolate chippers

Affectionately called “chocolate chippers” by my little cousins, my mom’s cookies have been a staple in my diet for as long as I can remember. They’re perfect – puffy, impeccably textured and absolutely loaded with chocolate chips.