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Madeline Phaby

Madeline is a junior majoring in history and sociology. She joined TMS during her second semester at Miami because she wanted to make a difference on campus, and as cheesy as it sounds, she’s never lost sight of that goal. In addition to TMS, Madeline works as an RA, is treasurer of a volunteer organization called Adopt-a-School and is heavily involved in research through the history department. After her time at Miami, she plans to go to law school, and her dream is to move back to her home city of Chicago and work for the Illinois Innocence Project. When she isn’t busy overworking herself, you can find Madeline arguing with her co-editor Abby, thrifting or driving around aimlessly in her white Subaru, Mitt. If you want to send feedback, pitch a story idea or chat about criminal justice reform, you can reach Madeline at

Miami releases vaccine exemption forms

Both exemption forms are due Oct. 15. If students do not submit an exemption by this date or receive their first dose of the vaccine by Oct. 25, they will not be eligible to register for spring classes.

Students call for removal of Oxford mayor, city councilor

A group of Miami University students is calling for a recall of Oxford Mayor Mike Smith and City Councilor Jason Bracken after they claim the two “took the opportunity to disparage members of the student population” following last week's vote in favor of a city-wide mask mandate.  

I may be funny and cute, but ADHD is not

I was not the stereotypical kid who couldn’t remain in their seat or keep quiet while the teacher was talking – those kids get diagnosed easily. I was a daydreamer and a doodler who did well enough in school to fly under the radar.

Kofenya is the best coffee shop in town, period.

Oxford’s coffee shops, ranked

Of course, not all coffee shops are created equal. As a senior who has spent huge sums of money on coffee during my time at Miami, I feel I’m qualified to rank all the shops in Oxford to help others decide where to get their caffeine fix.