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David Kwiatkowski

David Kwiatkowski is starting his first year as editor for both the culture and entertainment sections. David is a junior journalism and American studies double major. His dream job is to work for an entertainment publication like Rolling Stone or Billboard because of his passion for pop culture. David’s favorite kinds of stories to write are human interest stories or stories that explore miniscule observations and make them interesting to any person. When David is not working at TMS, he can be found working at the Howe Writing Center, listening to music, watching movies or finding any reason to talk to someone about Britney Spears. Send him feedback at and follow him on twitter @kwiatkdm.

Pop Culture Convos - Black Representation on Screen

"Black Representation on Screen" is the 3rd episode of The Miami Student's entertainment podcast, Pop Culture Convos In honor of Black History Month, Pop Culture Convos host David Kwiatkowski sits down with campus & community editor Briah Lumpkins and staff writers Sara Bey and Justeen Jackson to discuss black representation on screen.

Supreme? Blah. Gucci? No way. For David, graphic tees are the way to go.

Warning: Graphic Tee Content

I don’t even remember what the first graphic t-shirt I bought was. All I know is that my obsession stems from wanting to wear my interests on my sleeve … quite literally.

Kiki not only labors to provide quality cuts, she tries to connect with her customers as well. Photo by David Kwiatkowski.

Kiki the barber: Trimming with confidence

Juiquetta Harmon, aka Kiki the Barber, has been cutting hair ever since her dad suffered a stroke in 1998 and she had to shave his head for him. Up until then, Harmon had been working with troubled teens and for in-home health companies. It was never her intention to cut hair for a living until one of her friends gave Harmon a moment of clarity.