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David Kwiatkowski

To all the boys we’ve loved(?) before

This column is pulled from a conversation with two of our reporters who discussed their experiences growing up as gay men.  Tim Carlin: So, where do you want to start with this?  David Kwiatkowski: I think we should start where you said. Tim: Okay, do you want to go first? David: … No. Tim: Okay, so I came out in waves. I first came out to my friends when I was in sixth grade. By the time I got to high school, everyone just kind of knew. Throughout high school, it just became more known. I never hid it from anyone.

Muslim Students' Association Decorates and Donates

  As the leaves swirled down from the trees outside of Armstrong on Friday, Nov. 15, Miami’s Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) swirled ornate designs onto the arms of students who stopped at their booth. Adjacent to a card table covered with various canned foods like Campbell’s soup and JIF peanut butter is another table occupied by a student practicing an ancient art form: henna.

#FreeBritney: Double standards in the music industry

It’s no secret that the music industry is notoriously sexist. But when Kanye West’s new album “Jesus Is King” dropped — coinciding with the  announcement West stopped taking his bipolar disorder medication during the album’s production —  I couldn’t help but think about Britney Spears. Granted, I think about Britney Spears nearly every day, and especially these days, because of everything she has been going through. That’s because Spears has been in a conservatorship since 2008, after her very public breakdown. A conservatorship is a legal hold which is put into place when someone is so mentally incapacitated, they cannot take care of their own medical or financial needs and someone is appointed to do so for the conservatee. 

French toast brings a new staff members closer to upperclassmen.

On Sundays, we eat french toast

As I nervously rang the doorbell, I stopped to check what I was wearing. Is this cool enough for a french toast brunch? Am I cool enough for a french toast brunch? This is so adult.

A spotlight on student talent

This past Friday, Miami Activities and Programming (MAP) did something they had never done before. They hosted an open mic night, with the door open to all kinds of talents including poetry, singing and stand-up comedy.  

Don’t call them angels: Women in pop music

We need more all female collaborations in pop music. Do we really need to say it? We’ll say it as much as we need to. Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey have teamed up for “Don’t Call Me Angel.” The song will serve as the lead single for the soundtrack of the upcoming “Charlie’s Angels” remake.