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David Kwiatkowski

A dino-mite way to teach a class

Everyone knows that the first day of class is the most boring one.  You hear about the syllabus, attendance policies and when office hours are. But imagine logging onto Canvas and hitting play on your first video lecture to see your professor … in a dinosaur costume?

A spotlight on Miami's frontline families

  For some students, the cancellation of the semester meant going home to the safety of their homes and families where they could all bond over the fact their lives have been put on hold indefinitely.  For others, it meant the complete opposite.  These students have gone home to find their family members thrown onto the frontline, their lives shifted into overdrive as they are also placed in the line of fire while their relatives fight the good fight against the novel coronavirus. 

Miami at home: A socially distant birthday

You only turn 56 once, but my dad turning 56 during a pandemic is something that is truly once in a lifetime.  After rolling out of bed and going downstairs, he enjoys his usual breakfast of a cup of coffee and a cigarette on his porch while pondering the strange circumstance he finds himself in.  What do you do on your birthday when you can’t do anything?