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Briah Lumpkins

‘She Kills Monsters’ shows the importance of friendship

She Kills Monsters, written by Qui Nguyen, centers on Agnes, a high school English teacher who has just lost her parents and younger sister in a deadly car crash. Consumed with regret over the broken relationship she had with her sister, Tilly, Agnus tries to understand who her sister was through a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) storyline she left behind. 

Kanye … we miss the old you

I hated rap as kid.  Yet my entire family has always had a proverbial love for rap/hip-hop music. My mom had a deep love for Tupac. She remembers exactly where she was when she got the news he had been shot. My dad — a dedicated Biggie fan — was her direct rival. Lil Kim, Snoop and Jay-Z were also among the artists that would play throughout my house.  My music taste was solely limited to R&B and soul. At the time, I was dedicated to my faves: Lauryn Hill, Justin Timberlake, and D’Angelo. The thought of cheating on them with another artist outside of the genre was too much for my young self to handle.  For a while, there no rap artist that could hold my interest. Sure, I love the hip-hop classics “Big Poppa,” “No Diggity” and “Hypnotize” for example, but those are only singular songs. There was never an entire hip-hop album that held my interest from start to finish.  That is, until Kanye came around. 

‘I am so angry with this community’

As the night went on, she found herself at a hookah lounge with around 15 other men. One by one, the people that she knew left the lounge, leaving her with two other men she didn’t know.