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Rebecca Wolff

The College Commandments: Stained Glass Windows

Light shines through the stained glass windows and kisses the walls of the St.Vincent de Paul Church in Petaluma, CA. Like luminous lip gloss, it sticks and glistens in adoration. I sat among the molasses brown pews last weekend for the first time since my high school days, when mandatory mass sometimes started the day.  Being a non-Catholic in a Catholic high school was an experience that taught me how to skillfully avoid things that made me uncomfortable.  Walking through the halls on the first day of freshman year feels awkward enough, but having to walk down the red-carpeted aisle of the church with my arms crossed over my chest to be given a blessing rather than communion in a room full of religious peers — yikes. 

Need style inspiration? Check your grandfather's closet

I went back to my mom's hometown of Rockford, Illinois this weekend for my late grandfather's estate sale. As I was sorting through his closet, I was captivated by cabi hats, brightly colored blazers, fisherman sweaters, bomber jackets and other clothing items that seemed to cover every range of fashion from the last five decades.