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Rebecca Wolff

Look fly while you fly

I put time and effort into my airport outfits. I always have. The night before my flight, I lay it out down to the socks and underwear at the foot of my bed like I did on nights before field trips in elementary school. 

Mulan, Mushu, and the Movie Theater

I miss sitting next to total strangers, a pal or even a hot date, and watching scenes unfold on the big screen as I slurp down a large Diet Coke and, on special occasions, a pack of Red Vines.

Bex with a Hex

Yes, my name is Rebecca, but friends call me Bex, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a hex, but I’m also not alone.

Miami at home: Puzzled in Petaluma

  Are 20-year-olds allowed to call people old friends yet? If so, Tommy is an old friend.  It was 2014, my freshman year of high school. Pink braces, plaid flats, side bangs and an unreasonable amount of confidence were the most notable things about me during this time. Skinny jeans, too much cologne, black vans and weed were the things most notable about Tommy during the same time. 

Treating Every Dinner like a Themed Party for a Week

Don’t let all of your beautiful going out clothes waste away in your closet. Quarantine sucks, but eating chicken with your family is way less annoying when you look fly. Give yourself any excuse to look dope during this time, because it made me feel a whole lot better than I did when I was chilling in my sweatpants all day.