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Rebecca Wolff

Rebecca is a senior and has been involved with The Miami Student since her freshman year. She’s from the Bay Area in California, so she grew up just outside of San Francisco. 

She has written for every section, but her favorites are food, style and, of course, opinion. 

She is a member of Alpha Phi, a lover of long walks accompanied by a podcast, listening to music with her friends and writing. 

You might run into her at the rec, where she works out to de-stress, or find her in Armstrong watching YouTube videos and eating her favorite sandwich from Toasted Bagel (and maybe sipping on a Bang … if she’s feeling desperate). 

When she’s back home, she loves to go on hikes through the redwood trees, go to the beach and go out to eat at overpriced restaurants. 

After graduation, she plans to continue pursuing writing. 

Just, thank you

If you’ve ever read my columns, thank you. If it weren’t for you, everything I’ve published might've been compiled in a little pink diary.  

It should’ve been Aidan…

With the Sex and The City reboot, “And Just Like That..” coming soon to HBO Max, I decided to re-watch the show from the beginning. It was my third time. And for the third time I wondered… Why didn’t Carrie end up with Aidan?

My picky boyfriend

I’m from California. I like avocado toast and anything dairy free, and I watch my added sugars. My boyfriend is from Connecticut, so burgers, mozzarella sticks, breakfast sandwiches and blue Gatorade are all up his alley.  We have a hard time eating food together.

Look fly while you fly

I put time and effort into my airport outfits. I always have. The night before my flight, I lay it out down to the socks and underwear at the foot of my bed like I did on nights before field trips in elementary school.