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Meredith Perkins

We’ve come a long way when it comes to normalizing menstruation, but more can be done. We need period products in every building on campus.

We need better access to period products. Period.

With recent economic inflation making period products even more expensive for students, the university could significantly improve the lives of students by updating its period dispensal system — or even adding period supplies in all vending machines like residence halls do — in its academic buildings.

Professors are split on using AI. Some love it, some hate it. What should Miami's policy be?

Does higher ed know what to do about AI?

The widespread accessibility of AI writing tools, combined with a lack of research as to what ethical use of these tools looks like, has created panic among some members of the Miami University community and has intrigued others.

Sophomore Meredith Perkins (left) and freshman Kayle Slacksteder (right) prepared multiple dishes, from cupcakes to kugel, at the Chabad dinner on Feb. 24.

A night with Chabad

Every Friday night, 40-50 students gather at the Chabad House for a beloved weekly tradition: Shabbat dinner. It is more than just a dinner; it is a family, a tradition and a home.