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Devin Ankeney

Devin is a sophomore Media & Communication major from Scarsdale, New York. They joined The Miami Student their freshman year and, in addition to being the Business Manager, they are also the Assistant Opinion Editor.

In their tenure, they’ve written across various sections including Food and News, but, most importantly, Opinion. Anything and everything that they could complain about has made it into print. From COVID regulations to pizza rankings, she’s always got a problem with something.

When not overworking herself, you can find Devin wherever a Paul McCartney song is playing.

You can contact her by email ( or on Twitter (@devin_ankeney).

Students pass by the entrance to Steinkeller on High Street, which is half-hidden between SoHi and Subway.

Holy schnit!

A night with half-priced schnitzel – and fantastic schnitzel at that – creates the perfect atmosphere for anyone looking to enjoy a nice night out with a healthy serving of hearty German food. 

Our outgoing Food editor placed Bruno's Pizza last in her pizza ranking – our assistant Opinion editor had a scathing response.

A love letter to Bruno’s Pizza

This empire state of mind in which I reside creates the jury in which I judge my peers. Today, I must crack down on the notion that High Street’s grab ‘n’ go, by-the-slice pizzeria, Bruno’s Pizza, is anything less than great.

From a girl who looks like a boy

Not one moment before that did I feel more at peace with myself – like I was in full control of my being, my identity and my body. Never before did I truly feel that I had any control over how those around me actually saw me.

Personal responsibility just won’t cut it

The pandemic is not over. Every time we start telling people numbers are going down and that we can relax, people take their masks off and lose sight of what it actually means to go back to normal.

Let loneliness be a choice

I woke up at the same time every day. Started a class at 10:05 every day,  Ate lunch immediately after that class from the same dining hall, every day. Spent nights rewatching The West Wing, eating the same meal from Red Zone. Every. Single. Day.