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Devin Ankeney

 Devin is a junior Journalism and Media and Communication major from Scarsdale, New York. They joined The Student their freshman year and, in addition to being the Opinion Editor, they are the Business Manager.

In their tenure, they’ve written across various sections including Food, Entertainment and C&C but, most importantly, Opinion. Anything and everything that they could complain about has made it into print. 

When not overworking herself, you can find Devin wherever a Paul McCartney song is playing.

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Many of the biggest pop songs now are built off classic samples. Opinion Editor Devin Ankeney believes there’s a better way.

The epidemic of lazy sampling

You can’t make it an hour listening to your Spotify or the radio without running headfirst into a song that samples another song. It’s the big thing now.

Assistant Opinion Editor Devin Ankeney.

Making it through the hell of it

College isn't always all that you think it will be. Sometimes it sucks. But, eventually, it all works out, as Opinion Editor Devin Ankeney shows with their story.

Assistant Opinion Editor Devin Ankeney.

So none of your candidates won… now what?

From my count, not a single candidate for whom I voted actually won their respective election. In a political sphere where there are most often only two options, this is common. Not just for me, but for most Americans. 

Assistant Opinion Editor Devin Ankeney.

Happy Hallmark-oween!

Here are a few tips from a self-identified pretentious jackass on how to make Halloween just a little bit better for everyone.

Happy Columbus Day…?

Monday, Oct. 10 was Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a day meant to celebrate and remember the stolen lands upon which we stand and to remember the lives lost and the cultures destroyed by imperialism and colonialism. 

Food Editor Ames Radwan (left) and Assistant Opinion Editor Devin Ankeney (right) wrote opposing articles to decide, once and for all, if Bagel and Deli is good or bad.

…or not to bagel

Maybe you feel that bagels which you deem “firm” are too difficult on the teeth, rendering your poor mouth aching after eating that horrid treat New Yorkers have been nagging on about for decades. But, maybe, just maybe, you’ve not had a proper bagel before.