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Devin Ankeney

Devin Ankeney is a senior double majoring in journalism as well as media and communication from Scarsdale, New York. They joined The Student during their first year at Miami and are currently the Opinion Editor and Business Manager.

In their tenure, they’ve written across various sections including Food, Entertainment and Campus & Community. They've co-produced a podcast and have contributed to The Miami Student Magazine.

You can contact them by email (

Life is full of ups and downs, so don't let the bad moments be all-consuming.

To the class of 2024: Let life happen

College can be a time filled with great experiences, but also with difficult decisions and hard truths. Not everything works out. Friendships get tough. Getting a job is a miserable experience for many. As I enter my final semester here at Miami University, I’m reminding myself to be more present and realize that all the tough parts of these past four years have led me to where I am now.

Some students will buy weird combinations of snacks at Emporium, like Nerds candy and a coffee.

The evening worker

 Some students will buy weird combinations of snacks at Emporium, like Nerds candy and a coffee. 

Oxford Museum Association's apple butter, a delicious treat, was certainly not the problem with Sean's and Devin's failed cookies.

Baking with apple butter: An unmitigated success … kind of

I’ve never had apple butter, so this year I made it my mission to not only go, but to actually try the staple food of the weekend. After I picked up my jar, I headed home to search for a recipe to use it in. I settled on a combination of two cookie recipes — one made with apple butter, the other with chunks of apple — and got my supplies.