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Luke Macy

Luke is a senior from Springfield, Ohio, majoring in journalism, film studies and American studies. His writing for The Miami Student focuses on reporting on the Oxford and Miami communities and creating journalistic film reviews. Luke's journalism interests involve finding ways to incorporate data and multimedia into stories. After college, Luke hopes to work in entertainment journalism.

Editor-at-Large Luke Macy shares his thoughts on comedy actors pivoting to more “serious” films.

A letter to Hollywood: Let your comedians thrive

The bigger problem here is that Hollywood refuses to cultivate comedies. Sure, actors have some semblance of agency for which roles they play, but when the system rarely funds theatrical movies that are exclusively comedies, there’s less of a choice.

How I found my ‘third place’ through video games

It’s human nature to seek an outlet to end the day. For the cowboys of the old West, it’s the campfire. For the traditional American family, it’s the dinner table. For me, it’s the virtual world of my PlayStation.

Dozens of students and community members gathered in hopes they would see Sylvester Stallone.

Sylvester Stallone new film ‘Alarum’ sparks community interest in Oxford

Oxford residents and Miami University students who went Uptown Feb. 27 and 28 might have been disappointed to see areas like the park and Left Field Tavern blocked off by yellow tape. But for others, it was an exciting day to crowd the sidewalks, hoping for a chance to see a film production and its stars in town.

Digital Managing Editor Luke Macy is glad the "Argylle" movie is gone, and he thinks you should be, too.

Goodbye, ‘Argylle’ trailer, you won’t be missed

Many lessons can be gleaned from the marketing of “Argylle”: Rapid-paced trailers that are more focused on actors than the movie’s distinctiveness don’t always work; the cost of oversaturating the market isn’t always made up in sales; high-budget movies may need to become a thing of the past; don’t over rely on phrases and images for marketing; and so on.