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Owen Berg

Owen is a junior journalism and Emerging Technology in Business + Design major with a minor in fashion. He is The Student’s design editor, handling the print layouts and graphic design of the newspaper’s operation. He is also the style editor, and a semi-frequent writer for multiple sections. When he’s not working on the paper, Owen likes to go thrifting, make Korean food and skateboarding (poorly, but with passion).

Our design editor recently watched "Minari" and reflected on his identity as an Asian American.

I underestimated “Minari:” why I was so wrong

“Minari” so meticulously unearthed these uncomfortable memories from my youth because, in David, I didn't just see a child who looked like me – I saw my childhood. I saw it in a way I never had before on screen, in full color through such subtle, intimate details

A guide to the best Asian restaurants in Oxford

Oxford, Ohio is a pub food paradise. But, with no disrespect to these fine dining establishments, I’m kinda over it. I’m here to argue the best food in Oxford is its Asian food. Our little town in southwest Ohio is a gold mine for flavors from Japan to India to China.

A year of wear: why I quit buying clothes

I took a year off from buying any clothing, new or used. And what came out of it was a deeper appreciation for fashion as an art form and a more personal relationship with the clothes I already had. All without spending a penny.

Dressing to face the great indoors

Life under quarantine has done treacherous things to our clothing rotations. Putting together an outfit that I couldn’t go to bed in just seems wrong to me right now, and even thinking about putting on a pair of jeans feels physically repulsive. 

Mutts can go a little nuts, as a treat

After a brief introduction, four dogs ran out onstage to blaring rock music, taking their places on four wooden crates in a line upstage.  Dog-loving families had packed the seats of Hall Auditorium to see Mutts Gone Nuts, a traveling comedy dog show, at 7:30 p.m. last Friday. Founder Scott Houghton entered in a red velvet blazer, introducing the dogs to the audience. Their lead trainer, Samantha Valle, stood behind the mutts, directing the tricks and sneaking them treats from her pocket.

Oxford's small business enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend patronage.

Cycles and ceramics: Oxford’s Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday, which falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two largest shopping holidays in the U.S., aims to encourage shoppers to buy from locally-owned stores instead of large retailers and e-commerce websites.