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Ames Radwan

Ames is a junior Spanish and linguistics double major with an anthropology minor, hailing from Tampa, Florida. 

They are also beginning their master’s degree through the Spanish department’s joint BA/MA program. Joining The Miami Student was a spur-of-the-moment decision at their first-year Mega Fair, and they quickly realized they were too opinionated to write for anything except the Opinion section! 

In addition to The Student, they are also involved in the Miami University Marching Band, MUSF and the Dropouts skydiving club. 

Ames also works as a Miami tour guide, so they might love this school a little bit too much.

The effort of effortlessness

Effortlessness can make you beautiful, sure, but it’s not fair to say that the only reason someone can be beautiful is if they are naturally model-pretty and picture-perfect all the time.

‘Stick’ to the status quo

It’s almost like our parents putting bumper stickers on their cars, or even like tattoos. Showcasing small things we like through images on our devices, transportation or bodies is not a new concept, but it seems to be bursting at Miami.

The Makerspace, located on the third floor of King Library, is a hub for all things creativity.

Miami’s hidden gem: the Makerspace

A haven for all who are crafty and creative, the Makerspace opened in 2019 and quickly established itself as Miami’s premier center for step-by-step student craftsmanship. 

Petri dish blues

It left me laid up in bed for three days, coughing up a storm, running a low-grade fever and going through three separate boxes of tissues like I was Taylor Swift after a breakup. 

Leftovers are becoming my saving grace

With all that being said, and the ever-present threats of losing my key or forgetting to pay the bills still looming over my head, there are some great parts to living alone. 

The yes man

Whenever I info-dump all of this onto someone, they are always surprised — or maybe horrified would be a better word? 

BrickTok: The trendy takeover of Tuesday nights

It made sense that when we first went Uptown two weeks ago after arriving in Oxford early for band camp, my friends’ faces fell after spotting the new marquee at Brick. It listed a somewhat-familiar, somewhat-new lineup: Karaoke Night on Mondays, Country Night on Wednesdays … and, instead of the beloved ’90s Night, “TikTok Tuesdays.”