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Ames Radwan

Ames Radwan is a senior Spanish and linguistics double major with an anthropology minor, hailing from Tampa, Florida. They are also obtaining their Spanish master’s degree through a BA-MA program. 

Joining TMS was a spur-of-the-moment decision at their first-year Mega Fair, and they quickly found a home in Opinion, later discovering Food during their junior year. Outside of TMS, they are also involved with the MU Marching Band, the Student Foundation and the Dropouts skydiving club. Ames also works as a Miami tour guide, so they might love this school a bit too much! 

When they’re not swamped with schoolwork or club activities, Ames can be found in their kitchen testing new recipes for their recurring food column, the Weekly Veg, or just baking up a storm.

To leave feedback, pitch a story or send a recipe for Ames to test in their 'Weekly Veg' series, you can email them at

Arroz congrí is a delicious vegan recipe from Cuba that can be eaten either as a main dish or as a side.

‘The Weekly Veg:’ Arroz congrí

Arroz congrí is so much more than just beans and rice tossed in a pot and cooked. Try this recipe — journey to my childhood with me. You won’t regret it. 

Pawpaw bread, shown above buttered and fresh out of the oven, is a traditional Myaamia recipe.

‘The Weekly Veg’: Pawpaw bread

When I asked if Abby would be willing to teach me a traditional Myaamia recipe for the return of the Weekly Veg column, she was happy to do so! And so, I present to you the recipe she showed to me: pawpaw bread.

On Wednesday, Oct. 12 by 9 p.m., breakfast had sold out at Pulley Diner due to the return of all-day breakfast.

The return of all-day breakfast

After nearly two months of school, the official Instagram account for Miami University’s dining services announced in a post on Monday, Oct. 10 that they had listened to the student body’s wishes and brought back our beloved all-day breakfast services. 

Food Editor Ames Radwan enjoys eating Bagel & Deli. Pictured are B&D’s “Salty Hor” (bottom right), “Kim’s Veggie Pizza” (top center) and “Earth Day” (bottom left) bagels.

To bagel…

As long as it’s round with a hole in the middle and made of bagel dough, it’s a bagel, no matter which way it’s cooked/prepared. I will stand by that.