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Ames Radwan

Ames Radwan is a senior Spanish and linguistics double major with an anthropology minor, hailing from Tampa, Florida. They are also obtaining their Spanish master’s degree through a BA-MA program. 

Joining TMS was a spur-of-the-moment decision at their first-year Mega Fair, and they quickly found a home in Opinion, later discovering Food during their junior year. Outside of TMS, they are also involved with the MU Marching Band, the Student Foundation and the Dropouts skydiving club. Ames also works as a Miami tour guide, so they might love this school a bit too much! 

When they’re not swamped with schoolwork or club activities, Ames can be found in their kitchen testing new recipes for their recurring food column, the Weekly Veg, or just baking up a storm.

To leave feedback, pitch a story or send a recipe for Ames to test in their 'Weekly Veg' series, you can email them at

Sophomore architecture major Kahleigh Wiest (left) taste-tested plant-based dishes from a booth run by rootberry personnel on Feb. 22.

Plant-based brand “rootberry” arrives at Miami

Rootberry is an entirely plant-based brand based mostly out of St. Louis, but its food is sold in various places around Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin. With their recent arrival to Oxford, Miami University has officially become their first Ohio location. 

Food editor Ames Radwan has always been a messy eater!

Eating your own way

Everyone eats differently. That’s the whole point of eating — it’s like life itself. If everyone lived life the exact same way, it would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it? 

Storms, Sea Monsters, and Sustenance: Sensational Seattle

  There’s something about Seattle that just always calls to me. Maybe it’s the constantly gray, cloudy sky with a near-permanent haze of rain — my favorite kind of weather. Maybe it’s the industrial city style or the progressive, modern vibe. Maybe it’s just the perfect humidity level in the air that ensures that my curls can never have a bad hair day there. 

Despite looking like regular mac and cheese, this Daiya Cheddar Mac & Cheeze is not only vegan, but also gluten-free --- and delicious!

The voyage of Veganuary

When a friend of mine first brought up going vegan for January back in the fall exam week, I decided to take the plunge and say yes. This is how my Veganuary went...

Featured front and center on Food editor Ames Radwan's plate at The Miami Student's Friendsgiving event, chicken-fried mushrooms are vegetarian, despite the name.

‘The Weekly Veg:’ Chicken-fried mushrooms with pepper gravy

Some people are mushroom-haters, and that’s okay. But I’m proud to say that this recipe, a Carla Hall original in collaboration with plant-based brand Califia, turned at least a few of the more anti-fungi The Miami Student staff members into, at the very least, tolerators of the ‘shroom.