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Sisterhood shouldn't be so stressful

And though fraternity hazing is publicly criticized for its outward displays of toxic masculinity and violence, sorority recruitment acts as an alternative form of hazing plagued by toxic and detrimental female stereotypes.


The duality of masks

But I will still forever be grateful for the mask. After all, what if my eczema flares up horribly again? What would I do without the patterned cloth to distract from my face?


We gotta say, the cards are weird

It’s surface level, ineffective and uncomfortable. The ideal way to move forward would be to stop with the cards, continue with consistent testing and come up with a better way to keep professors and students feeling safe


Seriously, therapy is cool

Though I cannot remedy the issue of being plagued by stereotypes, what is better than an unbiased, professionally trained adult who is legally obligated to keep your secrets, listen to your drama and help you through the ups and downs of life? Absolutely nothing. 


Give credit/no credit where it is due

The Office of the Provost believes we need to return to some form of normalcy, but this isn’t the way to do so. Raising the standard by which we are graded clashes with our current situation, which continues to remain both uncertain and dominantly online. 

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