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Jake Ruffer

Jake joined TMS before he ever got to Miami as a student. He wrote his first article in September from his bedroom in Portland, Oregon. Arriving on campus, he plunged into newspaper photography to go with the writing since he never put down his camera anyways. Instagram is always hungry for content.

When he’s not watching the Trailblazers or their highlights, he’s at Kofenya (not studying, just begging for more caramel latte from the barista who cut him off ten minutes ago) or throwing a frisbee around at Cook. And to answer your burning question, he came 2,000 miles to study here because his parents are a Miami Merger.

Miami’s transfer students deal with extra adjustments relocating in pandemic

  Schneider, part of Miami’s class of 2022, is one of many students who transferred to Miami in the middle of the pandemic, which added new layers of difficulty to being the new student.  Transfer students have been trying to make the transition to Miami with most courses and extracurriculars happening online, and in-person socializing not exactly being encouraged. 

Miami Alumni earn big on ‘Shark Tank’

Zak and his business partner Selom Agbitor, both alumni from Miami’s class of 2019, earned themselves a $500,000 investment in their company, Mad Rabbit Tattoo, which they started with just $600 as a side-hustle at Miami a few months before graduating.