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Jake Ruffer

Jake is the Student's photography editor. He's a senior from Portland, Oregon double-majoring in journalism and economics with a minor in photography. He got his start at TMS writing news and working his way up as a photographer.

Hoping primarily to one day be a “photojournalist,” Jake would also settle for the career path of “guy with job.” He’s an avid coffee addict enthusiast, Trailblazer fan and casual clock-hater, all while battling a growing financial problem which is probably not related to his budding camera collection. And, to answer your burning question, he came 2,000 miles to study here because his parents are a Miami Merger.

Daffodils bloom in Oxford Memorial Park Uptown. They’re among the first spring flowers in town, partnering with intermittent thunderstorms to ring in the new season.

Spring sprang

Lightning flashed and flowers bloomed as Miamians donned shorts and umbrellas to sun and slosh their way through the first days of April. Spring semester brings warmth, rain, thoughts of graduation and different challenges for Miami University’s Physical Facilities Department.