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‘Be bold’: How students find jobs in Oxford

Many students find jobs on campus, including at the Shriver Starbucks.
Many students find jobs on campus, including at the Shriver Starbucks.

While all Miamians will be looking for places to study, eat and relax this year, some students will be looking for an extra place — one that makes them some money. For junior audiology major Fiona Halloran, finding that place came down to old connections.

Halloran started a job at Bagel and Deli in her first year after retracing some roots.

“My stepdad went to Miami, and he kind of knew the owner, Gary [Franks],” Halloran said. “So when I went to Miami I was like, ‘What if I ask for a job there?’”

She interviewed smoothly and began putting in hours at the little shop between Skippers and the Den, which she said has a “very positive environment.”

Each Bagel and Deli employee works one weekday and one weekend shift every week, but Halloran prefers the weekend for the more student-centric crowd.

“Everyone who comes in … you can have a conversation with them,” Halloran said. “I've made a lot of friends with customers who just come in and talk to us.”

Gabby Burke’s job has afforded her similar connections, though the senior primary education major went a different direction with her job search as a first year student.

Rather than walking Uptown in search of “hiring” signs, Burke turned to Miami’s student employment site for options. Along with a friend, she applied for a job at the university’s on-campus Starbucks.

“They just called me up one day and asked me a couple of questions, and I was hired,” Burke said.

On-campus work appealed to Burke because she expected flexibility scheduling shifts around her classes. Now a shift lead at the Shriver Starbucks, she said she got what she was looking for.

“You could do only 2 hours at a time if that's what your schedule allows … or if you want a lot of hours, there's usually people who need their shift covered,” she said.

The cooperative scheduling system stems partly from a difference in management — Burke works for Miami rather than the Starbucks Corporation. The company Aramark assumed control of Miami’s dining operations over the summer, and Burke said her wages increased by a dollar per hour.

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While the money is nice, Burke also appreciates her coworkers.

“It's a good way to meet people,” she said. “I have a couple friends that I've met at Starbucks.”

Her manager even penned her a letter of recommendation for a study abroad application last year.

“As much as it gets busy and crazy sometimes during the day, I would say if you can keep up with a pace like that then it's your best bet for being a student and working.”

To all student job-seekers, Halloran offered this advice: “Be bold,” she said. “Walk in and introduce yourself … I think most people like that. Just make yourself known.”