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Abby Bammerlin

Southern first-year students are excited and concerned about experiencing their first winter.

No coat? Big problem.

The snow started falling outside, and first-year Mango Lapack couldn’t contain their excitement. They went bursting out their dorm’s door to meet the delicate flakes falling to the ground.  Suddenly, the mood shifted as Lapack realized just how cold it was. All they had was a jean jacket and no winter coat. As they shivered their way back inside, Lapack made a mental note to buy a coat online when they got back to their room. 

Passing cars honked in response to animal rights protestors outside the Oxford Courthouse.

Animal cruelty bill coincides with two Oxford cases

Nine adults stood outside protesting in the rain, holding umbrellas in one hand and signs in the other as they gathered in front of the Oxford Courthouse to protest animal abuse.  One sign said “Honk 2 demand justice 4 animals.” While the group peacefully protested, many passing cars honked to share their ideals for animal protection.  There was a sense of comaraderie among them because they have all followed two animal cruelty cases — David Neanover’s and now Zichang Li’s — as both go through the court system.

Institute for Food hosts open house at farm

The Institute for Food at Miami University hosted an open house on Friday, Sept. 20 at its farm. The event coincided with the United Nations Global Climate Summit.  During the open house, attendees could pick their own cherry tomatoes, purchase salsa and posters at a table in the front of the farm and tour the farm. A handful of people participated in the first hour of the event.