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Eliana Riley

AI is a better employee than you

AI threatens your ability to get a job. Not simply because using AI to cheat may mean you lack valuable skills required for the workforce, but also because it can probably do your job better than you. 

Bulking, gym rat influencers have taken over Miami’s Rec Center.

Get Rec’t: Miami’s gym culture is pushing our facilities to the limit

“Have you seen Sam Sulek on campus at all?” If you don’t know who Sam Sulek is, he’s one of the biggest gym influencers on social media right now, and he may have had a class with you here at Miami University. That text I received got me thinking: why are there so many gym influencers at Miami? Is Miami transforming into a school for gym rats?

Protecting our gu–I mean, our children

The Tennessee government just passed laws restricting drag shows to protect children. It did nothing to restrict gun sales after a mass shooting that killed children. Eliana Riley thinks this is an absolute wrong.

Uncovering our killers

In light of the recent gruesome and heartbreaking University of Idaho murders, I’ve thought a lot about our generation’s obsession with true crime.