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Abbey Elizondo

Senior Staff Writer Abbey Elizondo was impressed with Beyoncé's venture into country music following the release of “COWBOY CARTER.”

Texas ain’t ready for Beyoncé’s ‘COWBOY CARTER ’

We all know Beyoncé has an incredibly powerful and beautiful voice. We know she’s produced hypnotizing music and empowered Black Americans and women around the world. She recently became the first Black woman to top the country charts with “TEXAS HOLD ’EM.”

Abbey Elizondo, smiling as widely and glowingly as ever, stands in London at a train station.

2,103,840 minutes in Oxford

My first thought: That number has to be wrong. My second thought: How would I know where I want to go to college yet? I was only 16 years old. And yet here I am, 22 years old, about to graduate with two degrees and 2,103,840 minutes of memories at a university two hours away from home and everything I knew. 

Senior staff writer Abbey Elizondo can’t stop thinking about Netflix’s new romance drama, “One Day.”

How ‘One Day’ wrecked me

Within days of starting this show, I was telling everyone about how this show is a masterpiece of character study and cinematography. The music matches every year of these characters’ lives. And don’t get me started on the colors — you will blink once and be transported to a whole different mood.  

As a college student, many people don't enjoy the passage of time as much as they should.

Seasons change, and I’m ecstatic about it

As we shift out of fall and into the winter season, it’s made me reflect on my time here at Miami University. I’m ending my last fall semester and going into my last spring semester. I won’t say anything like “it goes by faster than you think” because as college students, we know that already.