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Halle Grant

Going out with friends Uptown can often be stressful if you’re not all that interested in drinking.

Redefining Miami fun without the hangover

Do you find yourself going Uptown to drink with friends every week and waking up with a hangover? I hate to break it to you, but technically speaking, you’re engaging in binge drinking.

J-term freedom: A blessing, but also a curse

My “home routine” only consisted of going to the gym, reading for pleasure, babysitting occasionally and seeing my friends, but it made me feel like there was at least some structure to my break. 

Your bed is meant for sleeping, not studying

In my short three months here, it has become evident that Miami’s creation of designated study spaces is significantly valued by its students. There is something to be said about separating where you sleep or unwind versus where you do schoolwork and study.