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The Sunday reset: Your key to well-being and academic success

Sundays can be overwhelming for students as they face the reality of a new school week looming. Halle Grant shares her method for preparing for the new week in a healthy and productive way.
Sundays can be overwhelming for students as they face the reality of a new school week looming. Halle Grant shares her method for preparing for the new week in a healthy and productive way.

We all know that familiar Sunday evening feeling; the dread that creeps in as we realize another week of classes, assignments and responsibilities is about to begin. Often, after a long weekend of fun with friends, the reality of looming deadlines hits hard and can be overwhelming. 

Having spent two years here, I’ve learned the hard way that Sundays set the tone for the week ahead. 

You can set yourself up for success by starting a Sunday reset routine. It’s a basic yet effective strategy to take a step back and recharge your batteries, improve your overall well-being and fend off academic burnout — even if that means putting some assignments on the back burner for a little bit. 

Tidy up

One of the first things I do on Sundays is clean my environment. Whatever that means for you — it could be a dorm room, apartment or house — having a clean space to work with will help clear your headspace. A messy room with dirty laundry and dishes everywhere can be a constant distraction, so investing a little time in cleaning up and organizing pays off. 

Prioritize mental health

Your mental health should always be a top priority. After you’ve organized your space, take a moment to decompress and do some self-care. I usually take this time to incorporate some journaling that reflects on my week, and sometimes I'll read a self-help book. 

Remember that it is always okay to take a break and breathe for a second. Schoolwork and anything else in the outside world can wait. 

Move your body

Taking care of my physical health is a huge part of being able to be productive during the week. Some days, this means taking an hour and a half in the gym. Other days it means taking a quick walk around the block. 

Not only does having a healthy body go hand-in-hand with a healthy mind, but exercise helps to produce endorphins that can help combat stress and even boost your mood. Even if you just take a quick walk around campus and listen to your favorite music or a podcast, it’ll do wonders for your energy and productivity for the rest of the day

Separate to-do lists

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One of the primary goals of a reset is to get organized for the week and figure out what you need to do. It’s essential to separate your to-do lists between your personal and academic tasks. 

While you should take time to go through your Canvas calendar and write down what is due for the week, it is also important to note things that you need to do for yourself such as grocery shopping or even scheduling overdue doctors appointments. 

Disconnect and reconnect

It’s hard to put your phone down, or even put it on do not disturb, but unplugging from social media and recharging your batteries is a crucial part of a reset routine. 

For some people, recharging might look like spending time alone, while for others that means sitting around with friends and spending quality time. It’s so easy to sit and scroll through social media for hours on end, but this only drains your social battery more and distracts you from your weekly goals. 

Incorporating a Sunday reset routine into college life can be a game-changer toward maintaining your mental and physical health, while simultaneously keeping academic burnout at bay. Remember, it’s OK to pause, prioritize personal life and temporarily set aside assignments and exam stress. 

The routine is about finding balance, setting achievable goals and taking care of yourself. As this Sunday approaches, make a commitment to yourself to reset, recharge and prepare for the week ahead. 

Your well-being and academic success will thank you later. 

Halle Grant is a junior majoring in strategic communication with minors in marketing and journalism. She has been writing columns for The Student for two years and also teaches spinning classes at the recreation center.