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Jack Schmelzinger

Jack is a senior from Orchard Park, NY studying journalism and economics. He started writing for TMS in the fall of 2020, and he became the sports editor spring 2021. He's a big Buffalo sports and New York Yankees fan, which at least partially explains his generally pessimistic attitude. 

Jack Schmelzinger stands in front of The New York Times building. This guy wrote a book while in college. Damn.

Miami’s been very, very good to me

Before my first year at Miami University, I changed my major away from journalism. Thankfully, James Tobin, a journalism professor, somehow saw that, gave me a call and talked to me about the Miami journalism program. After we hung up, I went right back into the system and changed my major back. 

Star junior quarterback Brett Gabbert rushes shortly after the snap against the University of Toledo.

‘I’m getting better every day’: Brett Gabbert talks recovery after season-ending injury

Down 21-10 in their biggest game of the season to this point, the Miami RedHawks are two yards away from punching into the end zone to cut the University of Toledo lead under a touchdown. Star junior quarterback Brett Gabbert smacks his hands together, and before the snap even hits them, he’s moving toward the end zone. He doesn’t make it a yard before he meets the Toledo defense.