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Students still present research amid coronavirus

Despite the interruption of in-person classes and the transition to online learning, undergraduate students still had a platform to present the research they’ve been conducting over the last year. The 26th annual Undergraduate Research Forum was held online this year on Wednesday, April 29.


Interfaith Center hosts weekly Mindful Moment sessions on Zoom

The Interfaith Center of Oxford is holding free Mindful Moment Sessions via Zoom every Friday from 11:45 a.m to 12:00 p.m. These 15-minute meditation sessions are led by meditation practitioner and Interfaith Center board member, Prince Johnson II. He trained at the Cincinnati Yoga School and serves as a guide for Mindful Moment participants.


Summer internships uncertain as COVID-19 pandemic persists

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, many companies have begun to work remotely to protect their employees. While the multiple stay-at-home orders issued in different states are expected to be lifted before summer, many companies are changing their plans for interns and new hires. 

Many professors must balance their responsibilities as educators and parents as they transition to remote learning.

Professors with kids

Each day’s rhythm remains consistent. The day begins with morning meetings for Oliver’s preschool class, then each parent either works with him or prepares for their own classes. There’s a more relaxed lunch period to cook meals together, then some self-designated quiet time, so Legg and Strantz can get work done while Oliver is occupied with a book or iPad.

Dean of Students Kimberly Moore shares her advice with students as they navigate life during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘We’re here to help’

As students grapple with online classes, the stay-at-home order and a generally different lifestyle than they thought they’d be living, the adjustment to pandemic life has proven to be unprecedented.  Throughout the transition, Dean of Students Kimberly Moore has sent several university-wide emails which include information on resources and updates about student affairs. The Office of the Dean of Students’ website states the office provides many resources for “students’ intellectual growth and personal development.” Dean Moore, having dealt with many coronavirus-related student life issues, has these suggestions and pieces of advice for students:


City Council goes digital

Oxford City Council began hosting its  meetings virtually on Thursday, April 9. This change may continue until after the stay-at-home order is lifted.  

Residence halls implement new COVID-19 color coding system to track the spread of the virus.

Students struggle to retrieve items left in dorms

Following the amended announcement, students had who already left campus were told not to return to campus to retrieve their items until first contacting their dorm’s Resident Director (RD). With the stay-at-home order for Ohioans extended to May 1, students will not be permitted to return to campus to get their belongings at this time, Director of Residence Life Vicka Bell-Robinson said.

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