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Duard Headley

One lively ghost town

  On some days, Oxford seems deserted.  Along High Street, shops and restaurants lie empty; the warm neon of their “open” signs stand in stark contrast to their vacant interiors. On colder days, uptown park is devoid of life, its stone animal statues the only creatures to be found. Brick Street, the de facto hub of the uptown social scene, greets visitors with shuttered windows and a sign that reads “We miss you. Stay safe.” When the sun shines, Oxford emerges, and the would-be ghost town is strangely full of life.

Electronic empathy: teaching through a screen

On Tuesday, March 10, Miami students were informed via an email from President Greg Crawford that classes would be moving online for the rest of the semester.  Shortly before that, that same news found its way to the ears of the university’s many professors telling them to prepare to move classes online. 

Conquering Quarantine: A 2020 survival guide

  This time of chaos and quarantine is a difficult one for many. That's why it’s important now more than ever to continue to find ways to relax, unwind and decompress. So here’s another Miami Student survival guide: quarantine edition. This one might be a bit more necessary than either of my previous guides, so here’s to hoping it’s helpful, even if only a little. 

Starbucks regulars: the consistent quest for caffeine

Coffee is a powerful beverage. Like a warm, devious siren, its call beckons countless individuals with an aromatic allure. Some can resist the temptation, indulging in the drink only infrequently, if ever. Others are less stalwart, succumbing to the summons with regularity. 

Sustainable together: MU climate groups unify efforts

There are over a dozen groups with an environmental focus at the university, and until recently, they had little in the way of contact or communication with one another. With so many organizations overlapping one another, effort was wasted and potential members for each club slipped through the cracks. Members of the groups were left wondering if there was a better way to coordinate their efforts.