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Emily Dattilo

Emily Dattilo is a senior majoring in psychology and journalism, and she serves as a managing editor at The Miami Student. She enjoys writing profiles and feature stories, as well as her opinion column, "Good Morning Miami." Emily joined TMS fall semester freshman year, declared a journalism major a few months later and has been involved in TMS ever since. She's also written for The Miami Student Magazine and served as an undergraduate assistant in introductory journalism classes. In her free time, she enjoys watercolors, writing poetry and writing freelance articles. This past summer, she served as the features intern at Cape Cod Times.

A pizza style contest: New York vs. Chicago

Being from Chicago, I find myself in many discussions with people at Miami that involve the words “Chicago pizza” and “New York style is better.” Everyone always wants to argue, and I can’t just back down — Chicago pizza takes so much heat and someone has to defend it. Yet on a recent trip to New York, I figured I ought to give their pizza another chance, to try once and for all to end an argument I previously believed had a clear winner.

An ode to pasta salad

Week in and week out, this dish was a staple of my diet for four fall swim seasons. Yet once I graduated high school and swim meets became a memory (aside from a short stint on Miami’s club swim team), I completely forgot about pasta salad.

The High Street restaurant walk

To all the freshmen who just moved to campus: welcome.  Though it’s an odd semester for all of us, you’ve arrived at a nice time — basically missing the sticky, humid, end-of-summer sunshine — and instead greeting lower temperatures and the promise of fall foliage.