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Emily Dattilo

Good Morning Miami: Navigating this unfamiliar chapter

Instead of being mere miles, or even steps, away from our friends, the coronavirus has sent us to all corners of the country and beyond. So actually, taking time zones into account, perhaps it’s afternoon for some of you. But nonetheless, good morning Miami, wherever you are.

ShareFest volunteers picked up food and personal care items donated in the residence halls.

Local organizations unite to fight food insecurity in Oxford during coronavirus

For Ann Fuehrer, director of the Talawanda Oxford Pantry & Social Services (TOPPS), a single day hosts an array of activities.  From shopping at Kroger, to making sure the shelves are stocked, to answering emails and phone calls, to supervising volunteers, Fuehrer, who took over as director in July 2019, leads one of many efforts to help those struggling with food insecurity in Oxford. 

OPD on GBD: policing a ghost town

Even before the stay-at-home order, on GBD last week, uptown was quiet. There were no lines stretching out of Brick Street Bar & Grill. There were no queues spilling out of Bagel & Deli. There were parking spots available. Sidewalks were nearly empty.

Silence on the sidewalk

Some stories delve deeply into the lives of their subjects. Others seek to capture the human condition in just a few words. Modeled after journalist Brady Dennis’ 300 word stories that explore the unfiltered intimacy of the everyday, these pieces offer a glimpse into the untold experiences of college life. 

Wandering into the major I now call home

Around three years ago, I committed to Miami University as an education major.  I had attended Make it Miami, surrounded by lines of chattering high school students — red lanyards with name-tags hung about their necks, accompanied by anxious parents asking countless questions.  It didn’t occur to me at the time that I would want to change my major before I had even gone to my first class. 

When we all fall asleep, where does the ranch dressing go?

The display case offers a wide array of options: French, Italian, Caesar, balsamic and even raspberry vinaigrette. There is one particular dressing, however, that appears to be missing.  At first glance, it feels like a mistake. Perhaps you simply glanced too quickly. Perhaps it’s stuck behind the raspberry vinaigrette packets. But no, as sad as it is to accept, the ranch packets seem to have disappeared from Lux — and this is where our Midwestern mystery begins. 

Good Morning Miami: In memory of an elegant icon

At the beginning of each new school year, I buy folders for a dollar, select reasonably-priced pens and pencils and purchase notebooks while they’re on sale.  I hardly pay attention while stuffing these items into my backpack; whether or not they rip or tear is their own business.  Each year, I also allow myself one beautiful purchase, and this year’s was a Kate Spade agenda.