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Emily Dattilo

Good Morning Miami: In memory of an elegant icon

At the beginning of each new school year, I buy folders for a dollar, select reasonably-priced pens and pencils and purchase notebooks while they’re on sale.  I hardly pay attention while stuffing these items into my backpack; whether or not they rip or tear is their own business.  Each year, I also allow myself one beautiful purchase, and this year’s was a Kate Spade agenda. 

The "Good Morning Miami" autumn essentials

 As we begin trading humidity and blaring sunshine for falling temperatures and leaves, it’s time to unveil the list of “Good Morning Miami” autumn essentials, which ensure a productive and pleasant day.  

Good Morning Miami: Let’s not wait until it’s time for goodbyes

I’m a pretty sentimental person, and behind that sentimentality resides an appreciation for tradition and a dislike for goodbyes.  My traditional nature reveals itself in my predictable restaurant orders, my go-to Starbucks drink and my annual Christmas playlist. Some might call it boring, but I find comfort in familiarity and don’t apologize for refusing to stray from my usual.  My dislike for goodbyes affects me most, as you might guess, at the end of things. The end of a summer job, the end of the school year and the end of a holiday season all carry with it a mix of sadness and anxiety. 

Clothesline Project lifts survivors’ stories out of email inboxes

Last semester, during a shift at Paesano’s Pasta House, junior Alyssa Burnett went in the back to check her phone and saw two safety bulletin sexual assault report emails. After realizing that she had to walk home alone, Burnett began making plans. There would be no headphones, no stops in Armstrong and, even though her calves ached from standing all evening at work, no loitering.  She is not alone in her realizations or in her fear.