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Emily Dattilo

The High Street restaurant walk

To all the freshmen who just moved to campus: welcome.  Though it’s an odd semester for all of us, you’ve arrived at a nice time — basically missing the sticky, humid, end-of-summer sunshine — and instead greeting lower temperatures and the promise of fall foliage. 

My wardrobe is six hours away

Once I got home, I didn’t unpack right away. Hello again, denial. What was the point in unpacking a suitcase I’d be repacking in a week or two?  You know where this story is going. 

Thoughts from Quarantine: Broken Routines

This week, we’re introducing a new series called, “Thoughts from Quarantine.” Every week, three of our editors will answer a variation of this simple question: “How are you feeling?” This week’s prompt is, “How are you feeling about the differences between your previously normal routine and new reality?”

Revisiting Club Penguin: a virtual world virtually unchanged

  It’s a Saturday, early evening, and if not for social distancing and the events of the past few weeks, many people would be enjoying parties at their respective colleges or towns.  But because that’s not within the realm of possibility right now, people will take the next best thing.  Cue Club Penguin Rewritten, a replication of a childhood classic, which comfortingly enough, looks just like it did when we left it back in 2010. 

Good Morning Miami: Navigating this unfamiliar chapter

Instead of being mere miles, or even steps, away from our friends, the coronavirus has sent us to all corners of the country and beyond. So actually, taking time zones into account, perhaps it’s afternoon for some of you. But nonetheless, good morning Miami, wherever you are.