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The High Street restaurant walk

To all the freshmen who just moved to campus: welcome. 

Though it’s an odd semester for all of us, you’ve arrived at a nice time — basically missing the sticky, humid, end-of-summer sunshine — and instead greeting lower temperatures and the promise of fall foliage. 

And for all of the freshmen worrying about how to navigate a campus where most of the buildings look the same, I have two words for you: Snapchat map. (The snap map is both easily accessible and discreet, and nobody will ever guess you’re lost.)

And while you’re looking at the map, you’ll likely stumble across High Street — the beginning of what we call “uptown,” — a strand of mostly local businesses and restaurants. Here, you’ll find anything from breakfast sandwiches to cheeseburgers to cookie cakes. Basically, anything and everything. 

(This restaurant list below is in no way comprehensive, mainly because I haven’t been everywhere yet, but you’ll get the general idea.)

On High Street, you’ll first find Skipper’s Pub to your left. Skipper’s is well-known for their mac bites, burgers, french fries and more. (Some say their mac bites are the best in Oxford, but that battle will likely be hashed out in a column or two next week.)

Right next door, you’ll find Bagel & Deli: an Oxford staple. With its seemingly endless list of creatively-named bagels, there’s an option for the pickiest eater to the most adventurous. My personal favorite is the Mr. Turkey — turkey (of course), provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise. 

Keep walking on that side of the street and find Insomnia Cookies. A slice of their cookie cake or a box of cookies make an excellent late-night studying snack. 

Jimmy John’s is next. I’m pretty sure most of you have been there, or at the very least, heard of it. You’ll find subs, chips, drinks.

Mac & Joe's. As you might’ve guessed, here’s the other contender for best mac bites in Oxford. They also have salads, burgers, appetizers — casual atmosphere, bar downstairs.

Keep walking and you’ll see Starbucks; get your PSL fix here.

SoHi french fries are delicious. The seasoning is house-made, Romano cheese on top. Definitely order some. They also have burgers, subs and salads.

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Skyline Chili. I’m about to get a lot of pushback for this, but I’ve eaten here once and never went back. I’m told it’s an acquired taste, and several of my friends love this place, so check it out and see for yourself. 

Chipotle. I’m guessing most of you have been here.

Rapid Fire Pizza. As the name suggests, it’s fast, and there are plenty of pizza toppings to choose from, plus lots of sauces. 

Bodega: kind of expensive, but the sandwiches are excellent, not to mention their extensive array of side dishes. 

Fiesta Charra has traditional Mexican food, including endless chips and salsa. Friendly atmosphere, very reasonably priced.

Graeter’s Ice Cream. I’d never had this before coming to Ohio, and it definitely lives up to the hype. The signature flavor is black raspberry chip. Last fall, they had an amazing selection of autumn flavors … I’m remembering something about apple cider sorbet or gelato. 

Another ice cream option is United Dairy Farmers, which is a bit further along the road and connected to a gas station. Fabulous shakes and malts. 

On the other side of High Street, starting on the other end, you’ll find Kofenya Coffee, a perfect spot to study with a hot cup of coffee or glass of iced tea. Chill vibes. 

Then you’ll find Doughby’s, which boasts 5o different kinds of calzones. I’d only tried calzones a couple of times before giving this place a try, and I wasn’t disappointed. Browse through some unique calzone options like the BBQ chicken, pesto or Italian. 

We’ve now reached the end of my High Street restaurant tour, but as I alluded to earlier, there’s plenty of other places on this street itself, not to mention the surrounding area — so to all the freshmen, go take advantage of the autumn weather, bring a friend or two and explore uptown. 

And for the first-years who chose to complete this semester remotely, don’t worry. High Street will still be here in the spring, waiting for you.