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Alex Cox

Essential workers in Oxford are nervous to confront non-mask wearers in fear of retalliation.

Letting the mask of responsibility slip

Despite City Council's face covering ordinance and Miami University President Greg Crawford's presidential request, Oxford businesses are still reporting problems with customers not covering their faces indoors.  

Miami expecting smaller incoming class

Miami University is expecting this fall’s first-year class to be smaller than usual as a result of the novel coronavirus, said Director of Admissions Bethany Perkins.  

ASG approves budget, elects seven new senators

Miami University’s Associated Student Government (ASG) elected seven new senators and approved its internal operating budget at its meetings on Tuesday, Feb. 18 and Feb. 25.  ASG also heard a proposal from the university to eliminate paper diplomas in favor of an online system.

Farmer to select new dean

The search committee, chaired by College of Creative Arts Dean Liz Mullinix, is composed of 11 other members. These members include professors from a variety of FSB departments, a graduate student, an undergraduate student and a member of the FSB Business Advisory Council, which is a group made up of Miami alumni who currently work in various business-related fields.   Mullinix could not be reached for comment. But senior Collin O’Sullivan, the only undergraduate student on the committee, said he hopes to see a dean with “growth [and] great representation.”

Digging up the truth about Miami’s tunnels

  Buried deep beneath Miami University’s pristine quads and beautiful buildings, a hidden network of tunnels criss-crosses the campus.  Some of these passages, like the one underneath the sidewalk that runs alongside Bell Tower Commons, are visible to students who walk above. However, this tunnel system is far more extensive than what one can see above ground — approximately five miles of tunnels connect the various buildings on the mile square. 

107-year-old Miami alumna reflects on her college years

Back when ice cream cones cost a dime and Oxford had a movie theatre — when the seal didn’t exist and the library was in Alumni Hall, a girl from a small town in Ohio moved to Oxford to attend Miami University and enroll in the brand-new two-year teaching certificate program. Coming from a graduating high school class of just five, Miami seemed like a dream to Fearn Gerber (then Fearn Winkle) in 1930.