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Hannah Horsington

FIrst-year Kylie Whitehead moved into her dorm after months of anticipation, but campus looks a lot different this semester.

First year, first 24 hours

The whole family packed into the room, piling duffle bags and boxes onto the bed and the floor. Clanking noises from one particular bag, full of Kylie’s coffee mugs, echoed around the quiet hallway.

Students must decide whether or not to report others for breaking COVID-19 guidelines to OPD and the university, or keep quiet.

To snitch or not to snitch?

Turning in other students to the Oxford Police Department (OPD) or the university, or “snitching,” is becoming more common around Oxford, with the desire to limit the spread of COVID-19 being a driving factor in many of these situations.

Students still present research amid coronavirus

Despite the interruption of in-person classes and the transition to online learning, undergraduate students still had a platform to present the research they’ve been conducting over the last year. The 26th annual Undergraduate Research Forum was held online this year on Wednesday, April 29.

Miami's self-set deadline to decide the fate of in-person classes is approaching, but Provost Jason Osborne said that no decision has been made yet.

‘It isn’t like flipping a light switch’

With the transition to remote learning and the uncertainty of the future of academic life, Miami University students have many questions about how this pandemic will impact the remainder of their academic spring semester and beyond.