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Rebecca Heftel attends college as an nontraditional student.

Miami employee hits the books to pursue new career

In the late 1980s, Rebecca Heftel was a student at Wright State University pursuing a major in music. As a lifelong singer, Heftel’s plans went awry when she began to experience issues with her vocal chords, forcing her to switch her major.

Students lit 11 candles for the victims of the Tree of Life shooting.

#ShowUpForShabbat memorializes one-year anniversary of Tree of Life Synagogue shooting

After the shooting last year, #ShowUpForShabbat became a worldwide initiative to show support for the grieving Jewish community. People of all ages, religions and backgrounds expressed their sympathy and stood by the community in unity.  This year, Hillel and Chabad wanted to keep this initiative alive along with the memories of those who lost their lives. Both organizations opened their arms, inviting the Miami University community to participate in a special Shabbat service and memorialize alongside them.

300 words: telling stories in seconds

Some stories delve deeply into the lives of their subjects. Others seek to capture the human condition in just a few words. Modeled after journalist Brady Dennis’ 300 word stories that explore the unfiltered intimacy of the everyday, these pieces, written by first-year students, offer a glimpse into the untold experiences of college life.