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Rachel Berry

Miami elects first black female student body president

Jannie Kamara and Jessica von Zastrow won the student body president election yesterday and will serve as president and vice president respectively for the 2020-2021 school year. Kamara will be Miami’s first black female student body president (SBP). 

Notes of nostalgia: the times are a-changing, but that’s okay

  Going off to college, my soon-to-be roommate was texting me, excitedly talking about future plans and how she couldn’t wait to get to Miami. It seemed like all my friends from home were the same way, counting down the days until they would leave for school.  I was the complete opposite. I was terrified to leave the only place I had ever known to move 300 miles away and live with complete strangers. When my parents left me, I cried the entire walk from their car back to my dorm, before wiping my eyes and trying to pull myself together as I met the people I would be living with for the next year.