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In terms of costly dining, MU takes the cake

Few issues earn as much ire on Miami's campus as the meal plan. The hours for dining halls are bizarre and unwieldy. Buffet swipes disappear after each semester. The Diplomat Discount, giving 33 percent off every declining balance purchase, is gone.


Hueston Woods hosts annual maple syrup festival

The Hueston Woods State Nature Preserve comprises 200 acres of beech and maple trees that have never been cut down. Since Matthew Hueston bought the land in 1797 and fell in love with the area and with the production of maple syrup, it has been preserved and protected, and it now represents the largest mature beech maple forest in Ohio.


Beer adds to Kofenya's cozy ambiance

When senior Natalie Wink talks about beer, a smile stretches across her face. Her eyes light up and there's an excited cadence in her voice as she speaks about porters and IPA's, about different flavor notes and her favorite breweries. She talks not of pitchers and shots, but of community, of the excitement and relaxation associated with "grabbing a beer" as opposed to chugging one.


Students dine in at Maple Street Starbucks

Stacks of the white paper to-go bags, all branded with the Starbucks logo and soon to be filled with food, sit next to the cashier. Beside the espresso machine, empty cups wait to be filled with warm, frothy coffee or refreshing iced tea.

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