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Pass the Tofu-rky: Plant-Based Holiday Menu and Inspiration!

As we near the end of a tumultuous and challenging year, many of us are looking forward to the comfort of the holidays and enjoying special traditions. However, the environmental implications of the foods that make it onto our table can leave us wondering about ways to make Thanksgiving dinner a bit more sustainable. No matter what diet or lifestyle you follow, choosing to swap out a few Thanksgiving classics with plant-based alternatives can have a positive impact on the environment. 


A guide to the best Asian restaurants in Oxford

Oxford, Ohio is a pub food paradise. But, with no disrespect to these fine dining establishments, I’m kinda over it. I’m here to argue the best food in Oxford is its Asian food. Our little town in southwest Ohio is a gold mine for flavors from Japan to India to China.

Students looking for an unorthodox snack need look no further than the packed shelves of the Asia Market.

Hidden gems of Oxford: the Asia Market

What exactly does the Asia Market have to offer that sets it apart from Kroger or Wal-mart? To find out, I ventured past the boundaries of the university’s campus and took a look around the market. 


Chubby Bunny Bakery: Desserts for All

If you’ve been around King Cafe or a campus dining hall, you’ve probably seen Chubby Bunny treats, from muffins to pumpkin bars to cookies! These bakery items are perfect for the holiday season and are made special for those with allergies. I had the privilege of interviewing the owner of the company to get an inside look at her mission and motivation for these delicious treats.


Empty rooms, full to-go boxes: Miami’s dining halls in 2020

  From the outside, Maple Street Commons looks just like it has in previous years.  One step inside the front door, however, and that notion is quickly dispelled.  In order to comply with COVID-19 protocols and ensure students stay safe when getting their grub, Miami’s dining halls look drastically different than they have in previous years. 


Community Gardens: A Solution to Growing Food Insecurity in the Face of Degradation

Almost 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Yet with each coming year, people are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their daily nutritional needs. In 2018, nearly 40 million Americans alone were food insecure, meaning they lacked reliable access to a sufficient quantity of food. And this dilemma isn’t disappearing anytime soon, as experts fear that climate change and environmental degradation will only exacerbate rates of food insecurity in the future. Our growing population puts great strain on our food system- a system built on unsustainable agricultural practices that contribute to soil and land degradation, further hindering our ability to produce food. 


Special delivery: the face behind the food

  With her Release Radar playlist bumping on Spotify, Kayley Harris pulls her brand-new Honda Civic into the McDonald’s drive-thru. When she gets to the window, the employee recognizes her and smiles. Back in her car, she turns the music up, and the cycle continues.  A DoorDasher’s work is never done. 


Plant-Based Staples for College Students

Before going plant-based last October, I always had the misconception that a plant-based diet was more expensive than an animal-based one. As a college student, this was one of the factors that kept me away from trying out a plant-based lifestyle. However, as I near the one year mark of being plant-based, I have actually found that my groceries are cheaper. Here is a list of seven plant-based items that I live on (in addition to lots of fruits and vegetables) that are wallet friendly: 


The magic rule: kitchen edition 

Growing up, my sister and I didn’t have many of the common household rules. Our parents never enforced strict bedtimes, we didn’t have a chore chart hanging from the fridge and we never had a homework schedule. But there was one decree I will always remember: don’t ever waste food.

ShareFest volunteers picked up food and personal care items donated in the residence halls.

Local organizations unite to fight food insecurity in Oxford during coronavirus

For Ann Fuehrer, director of the Talawanda Oxford Pantry & Social Services (TOPPS), a single day hosts an array of activities.  From shopping at Kroger, to making sure the shelves are stocked, to answering emails and phone calls, to supervising volunteers, Fuehrer, who took over as director in July 2019, leads one of many efforts to help those struggling with food insecurity in Oxford. 

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