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Shr-Hua Moore

“Small enough to jail” panel discusses ethics, injustice

  On Nov. 5, the Farmer School of Business finished up its Executive Speaker series, which normally features executives of large corporations that serve as role models for the future business leaders of America.  The last installment in the series brought a different kind of speaker — four of them, actually, all associated with a small bank that was targeted during the 2008 financial crisis.

Although some chose to spend the holiday at home, many Miamians still took to Oxford's streets to celebrate Halloween. Photo by Shr-Hua Moore.

Oxford celebrates Halloween: a narrative

  Halloween is many things — tricks, treats, parties and costumes — but music is also an essential part of the holiday. As I experienced Halloween in Oxford this year, Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” is one example that was on my mind. It’s a famous 18th century piece that has been used prominently in early horror films and shows how music can sound dark and foreboding even when it was composed hundreds of years ago. It’s composed of three movements: a toccata, a fugue and a coda.  In the spirit of Halloween and in keeping with Bach’s spooky season staple, here’s the story of a 2020 Halloween in Oxford, as told in three parts.

Students looking for an unorthodox snack need look no further than the packed shelves of the Asia Market.

Hidden gems of Oxford: the Asia Market

What exactly does the Asia Market have to offer that sets it apart from Kroger or Wal-mart? To find out, I ventured past the boundaries of the university’s campus and took a look around the market. 

In person, from people: thoughts on the return to in-person learning

 The verdant grounds and broad walkways of Miami are no longer desolate when the clock reads 11:40 a.m. or 1:15 p.m. However, the ever-present issue of COVID-19 and the fact that some students opted to stay remote for the semester have led to some interesting changes in how professors are conducting classes this fall.   

Nothing goes to waste: Rumpke's response to COVID-19 in Oxford

Driver and trash collector Jody Kieffer has gone to work at four in the morning and picked up the waste from both Miami students and Oxford residents for the past 20 years. In a normal year, most of the trash in Oxford comes from the various businesses lining the streets of uptown. This year is different.