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Julia Arwine

Julia Arwine, co-managing editor, is a senior journalism and emerging technologies in business + design major from Springboro, Ohio. She has been working for The Miami Student since her freshman year and was previously a news editor. Her dream job is to trot around the globe while writing in-depth pieces for National Geographic. In her limited free time, she likes to cook, write creatively and watch lavish historical dramas. Hit her up with recommendations of new ones to watch while she continues to wait patiently for a new season of The Crown at 

The “Impressing-Your-Boss” Dinner

In the back of my cookbook, there’s an extended index of suggested menus for different occasions: New Year’s Eve dinner, hangover brunch, spring picnic, etc. One of them was called the “Impressing-Your-Boss Dinner.” As a soon-to-be-graduated senior who has never made a full, three-course adult meal and will hopefully have a boss to impress soon, I decided to try it out.

“Scuffed:” trying out “Chopped” at home

What’s a household to do on another long quarantined day when TV, video games and Uno just aren’t cutting it anymore? Well, if you happen to be my two roommates and me, and you happen to have just gone shopping and have a full kitchen, and you happen to be starved for novelty, then you just might play a DIY, homemade version of the Food Network’s hit show “Chopped.” 

Meemaw’s creamed chicken: Reviving a legacy

Meemaw is not so much a believer in measurements. Or detailed instructions, for that matter.  Back when she could still cook, my aunt tried to learn her secrets by watching her do it, but had a hard time interpreting how much a dash of this or a “humping spoonful” of that actually was. No one, to my knowledge, has tried to make creamed chicken since Meemaw became unable to. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the legacy of food, and the ways in which the things we eat as children shape us. 

Hazing survivor wants to be voice for others: 10 former Delts sentenced, but most avoid jail time

Tyler Perino stood between his parents, Randy and Laura, while facing the judge in the Oxford Courthouse. A few rows behind him sat several former members of the Delta Tau Delta (Delts) fraternity, and just a few feet to his right stood another: Joshua Plaster, who had just pled guilty to hazing him.  Nine of the 18 former Delts charged in October pled guilty to hazing and received their sentences in court on Tuesday, Feb. 25, which mostly consist of fines.