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Iñaki Prádanos-Garcia is a lifelong learner and even cultivates his own food forest.

Teaching to save the world

I take in his casual and relaxed appearance, wondering what kind of “hippie” professor I had signed myself up for. Little did I know that in the next four years at Miami, I would be so impacted by this “hippie” professor’s passion and integrity that I would schedule three other classes with him, reconsider my entire career path and end up writing an op-ed for my university about his work. 


Uncovering our killers

In light of the recent gruesome and heartbreaking University of Idaho murders, I’ve thought a lot about our generation’s obsession with true crime. 


Don’t blame yourself for climate change

Your decision to change to a greener lifestyle should not come from a place of guilt, but rather a place of willingness. You should want to live more sustainably, not because you feel you will be to blame for a future climate disaster. 


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