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Fake service dogs have real-life consequences

Dogs are cute, I get it. Everyone loves their pet and wishes they could be with their little ball of fluff 24 hours a day. For some, this desire has mutated into paying $30 online, slapping a knock-off red vest on their pet and calling it a service animal.


'22' might not look like what Taylor Swift promised

Since 2012, I had plans for my 22nd birthday. I did not know what, exactly, I was going to do or who I was going to do it with (though I hoped it would be something with someone), but I knew at some point I had to listen to Taylor Swift's song "22" and revel in how relatable it finally was. I would make "breakfast at midnight," "fall in love with strangers" and, of course, be "happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way." Taylor promised.


Marie Kondo's method is great for shoes, not people

New Year's resolutions always seem to fit one of a couple of themes: Getting that new job, sticking to that new diet or focusing on healthy new relationships. Throughout January, Facebook and Instagram are cluttered with posts talking about self-love and how people are going to take control of their lives in the new year, all with pictures from a summer vacation saved specifically for this moment.

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