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Anastasija Mladenovska

Air purifiers are everywhere and in every dorm. The benefits yet are unknown.

Miami University: The Kingdom of Air Purifiers?

No matter how much fresh air I breathe sitting by the Seal, whenever I walk into the residence halls I am greeted by my fellow students’ obsession with air purification. If you are a returning student living in the residence halls, you already know that air purifiers are an invasive species.

Walking around campus, you'll often feel alienated even in a sea of similar people.

Is college the ultimate producer of alienation?

They say college is the perfect place to meet people, build your network and even fall in love. But from the looks of it, higher education might be the one global institution manufacturing frenzied, robotic, so-called academic citizens ready to take you up on the “we live in a simulation” debate. 

International students are not always seen as equals. Oftentimes, they are seen as less competent and requiring special education to progress alongside American peers.

Spinning the wheel of competence for international students

International students at Miami University make up only a small portion of the student body. To be exact, there are 1,470 of us according to the Office of International Scholars and Services, and this makes it possible for us to cut slack to those who forget about including us in the conversation, the public space, the policies, initiatives and the student body.