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Anastasija Mladenovska

TikTok bans: Public education held hostage by politics

Still, we don’t understand the importance of a tool, especially social media in today’s world, until we feel its existence is threatened. Now, the U.S. government wants to tell my friends that they are not going to have access to the platform anymore because TikTok is a national security issue. 

Winter break can be a time for many to learn who they are, without the encumbrances of classes.

Borrowing her eyes to see myself: My winter break queer rediscovery

When I started high school in 2019, everyone saw the “gays and lesbians” as the new big thing in Macedonia. I recall a time when books and publishers were fetishizing the “new normal” plaguing us from the West and the U.S. There were bold movies normalizing gay romance, and protests were held for the first time. All of a sudden, the rainbow turned from a playful object in children’s books to the most controversial topic at dinner tables. 

Harrison Hall is one of many Miami resources that students don't take advantage of.

Harrison Hall: A beacon of opportunity most students miss

When I first walked into Harrison Hall, the home of the political science department, I noticed two things. First, the cozy chairs and couches on the first floor proudly echo the lively conversations between professors and students in the hallways. Second, the gloomy atmosphere compliments a place that has endured history and therefore demands respect. 

Aramark will leave Miami after a short two years as the dining provider, a decision that Anastasija Mladenovska believes does not benefit students.

Aramark needs to stay

When I heard about Miami University’s decision to part ways with Aramark, I was shocked. This decision was made without any prior student or Aramark staff consultation and is unjust and lacking transparency.

Finding yourself in college is hard and is often a process that takes time and patience to perfect. Second-year student Anastasija Mladenovska explains how to make it easier on yourself.

5 ways to find yourself authentically in college life

I have never felt fuzzy about myself. Coming to college, I had all the self-confidence needed to uncover my veils of ignorance and to discover new truths. Almost a year and a half later, I am convinced I knew more about myself and the world when I was 14 than I do now at 20. 

Air purifiers are everywhere and in every dorm. The benefits yet are unknown.

Miami University: The Kingdom of Air Purifiers?

No matter how much fresh air I breathe sitting by the Seal, whenever I walk into the residence halls I am greeted by my fellow students’ obsession with air purification. If you are a returning student living in the residence halls, you already know that air purifiers are an invasive species.

Walking around campus, you'll often feel alienated even in a sea of similar people.

Is college the ultimate producer of alienation?

They say college is the perfect place to meet people, build your network and even fall in love. But from the looks of it, higher education might be the one global institution manufacturing frenzied, robotic, so-called academic citizens ready to take you up on the “we live in a simulation” debate.