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Megan McConnell

Finals mark the fall finish line

For college students, the end of November is marked by turkey of varying quality, plates brimming with stuffing, the first taste of holiday tunes, late nights huddled over textbooks and cramming for fall finals. 

For Wild Berry, the business model of making incense has made sense since 1971.

Wild Berry: fifty years on High Street

  Upon entering Wild Berry, a local retail shop uptown, customers are overcome by the smell of incense and the store’s eclectic nature. Each wall is lined with different trinkets, gifts and accessories, and the store’s floors are crowded with racks of imported clothing and towers of incense.  Although the store has been open for decades, general manager Kimberly Clarke says Wild Berry has always sold the same type of products and has successfully maintained their brand as a “hippie” shop throughout the past 50 years.

After seven months in quarantine, Miami students are finding their way back into the dating game.

Swiping right during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online dating sites such as Tinder and Bumble have surged in popularity. According to The Observer, days after the initial stay-at-home orders were implemented in the United States, Tinder had its highest day of activity with more than three billion swipes on March 29. d

Even while classes aren't completely in person, first-year students are still feeling the pressure from their peers to look a certain way.

Freshmen fear not fitting in

College brings an array of new experiences to first-year students: freedom, independence and social life are just a few. Even though this new environment is exciting and refreshing, it can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety and self-consciousness for freshmen who are susceptible to comparison.