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Megan McConnell

Megan McConnell is a sophomore journalism and psychology double major from Kansas City. 

She originally joined TMS at the onset of her freshman year as a writer for Campus & Community. Although Megan continues to write for the section, she is also the Social Media Editor for TMS, which allows her to combine her passion for writing, designing and interacting with readers. 

Outside of the newsroom, Megan is either listening to far too much Taylor Swift, watching Downton Abbey or studying at Kofenya – with her second iced chai in hand, of course. 

Additionally, Megan hopes to join more clubs and on-campus activities over the course of the next year.

Megan McConnell, a devoted member of The Student, is graduating Fall 2024.

The end of a chapter

I joined The Miami Student before I ever stepped foot on campus as a first-year. Before I ever moved out of my childhood bedroom into an empty dorm room across the country. Before I ever sat in my first classroom in McGuffey Hall for an introductory journalism course.

Catelyn Collins studies for the LSAT in her dorm room.

Preparing for the next chapter: Balancing coursework with standardized test prep

For students with goals of attending graduate or professional school, it is often difficult to balance coursework with test preparation, as free time is consumed by studying for standardized tests, such as the LSAT, MCAT and GRE. Preparation for these tests typically begins months before they’re taken, and students are often encouraged to designate anywhere from ten to 20 hours a week studying the material.