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Letter to the Editor: In Standing With our LGBTQ Community, Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Has No Place Here

Earlier this month, Ohio legislators introduced HB 616, which would disallow curriculum or instruction pertaining to “diversity, equity and inclusion” (including Critical Race Theory and Intersectional Theory), and — like Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law — would prohibit or censor curriculum or instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity, from kindergarten through high school.  


RIP to a Miami tree-dition

You may have noticed, upon returning from spring break, that you can see all the way from Upham Hall to King Library now, without any leafy obstruction in your way. 


The mastery of socialization

Small things like that make me realize that I’m not the same as my undergraduate peers anymore. This social barrier is not something that I would like to see continue. 


Dear TMS … I love you :)

The Student created a space for my creativity to run wild, and through my work I was able to see tangible examples of how journalism was informing the community. 


Just, thank you

If you’ve ever read my columns, thank you. If it weren’t for you, everything I’ve published might've been compiled in a little pink diary.  


What the Hell is Crypto?

The current market for cryptocurrency has boomed and in return ametuer investors, typically younger ones, have kicked off the lucrative industry in hopes of big returns.


From a girl who looks like a boy

Not one moment before that did I feel more at peace with myself – like I was in full control of my being, my identity and my body. Never before did I truly feel that I had any control over how those around me actually saw me.


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