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A definitive ranking of America’s most popular Valentine’s Day candies

Given that I spent the vast majority of Valentine’s Days as a single woman, I never cared for the holiday much. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about a day where you’re constantly reminded of how lonely you are. Before I went to college, though, I did always have one part of the holiday to look forward to: the candy my mom would buy me.


A cheesy open letter to Dining Services

The contrast between the crunchy breading and the gooey melted cheese in a good mozzarella stick is a truly unrivaled experience. Sure, they’re bad for you (especially when cheese gives you debilitating stomach cramps), but unlike most other foods, they’re worth the calories.


Let them eat lemon bars

 Despite all of the unpleasantries that my tumultuous freshman year at Miami entailed (online classes, political strife, getting hand sanitizer in my eyes when I’d go to wipe away my tears), there was one thing that always made my day just a little better: the dining hall desserts.  


Want to do well in school? Your body needs fuel

Microwave ramen, midnight delivery pizza and dorm room cereal often come to mind when picturing a college student’s diet. Not all students eat like this, but some say it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet while grappling with college life.

Our food editor recently ate a meal at every dining hall after not eating there for two years.

Miami’s dining halls, ranked

This past week, I decided to make a grand return to the dining hall lifestyle by eating one meal at each of them. To ensure I fully experienced each dining hall, I also required myself to get at least one food item from each station.


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