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Sadie Childs

Students work on their individual projects at You're Fired

Behind the Building: You’re Fired

 If you’ve ever had the urge to paint pottery, there's a good chance you’ve checked out You’re Fired. This store, at the corner of West High Street and Beech Street has a long history of housing not just painters, but also various grocery stores. 

Ezra Bourne and his staff posing with the horses they care for. 

Behind the Building: Kofenya

At the corner of West High and North Beech Street sits a building with a history of horses, hardware and hot drinks. Kofenya Coffee House, located at 38 West High St., is frequented by Miami University students and professors alike.

The corner of High Street and Poplar Street in 1963, featuring the Miami-Western Theatre, which is now known as Brick Street Bar.

Behind the Building: Brick Street Bar

Today, Brick Street Bar is a staple of the Uptown experience for Miami students. Still, you can tell from a glance at the building that there may be more history there than meets the eye.