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Lexi Whitehead

The Scuba Diving and Snorkel Club took their marine conservation efforts to new depths during a trip to Caribbean.

Ocean ambassadors dive into marine conservation

One thousand six hundred and twenty-five miles south of Oxford, five Miami University students spent a week of their J-term submerged in the Caribbean Sea.  From Jan. 11-19, members of the Miami Scuba Diving and Snorkel Club took a trip to Tom Owens Caye, an island 25 miles from mainland Belize, to delve, dive and help preserve the ocean. 

Taking spooky crafts to the next dimension

The Makerspace, located on the 3rd floor of King Library, was decked out for Halloween. Paper bats and garlands hung from the ceiling and fake spiders were strewn about. Candy buckets adorned most of the tables. Some of the staff also embraced the Halloween spirit with t-shirts showcasing a skeleton or black cat.  On Friday, Oct. 25, King’s Makerspace hosted a Halloween-themed event for students to make “creepy crawly crafts.” The Makerspace offers students an area to use the numerous available machines and be creative. The machines, including 3D printers and electronic cutting machines helped students make stickers and heat transfer vinyls and sewing machines. They could design book covers and bind the books themselves, personalize tote bags or clothes with the heat press and make a sewing circuit. 

300 words: telling stories in seconds

Some stories delve deeply into the lives of their subjects. Others seek to capture the human condition in just a few words. Modeled after journalist Brady Dennis’ 300 word stories that explore the unfiltered intimacy of the everyday, these pieces, written by first-year students, offer a glimpse into the untold experiences of college life.