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Mia & Me: A girl's tale of finding her forever friend

Everyone wants something to love. Whether you want a cat, dog, hamster, pet rock -- you want a little friend to cuddle up with, to hang out with through the good times and the bad...someone to love you unconditionally.


Parkland survivors tackle activism, guns, politics

Hundreds of people filed through a pair of metal detectors into Hall Auditorium last night, entering a venue peppered with about a dozen armed officers, in what University Lecture Series organizers described as one of the most secure events Hall has ever hosted.


She's got options on Valentine's Day

Here is what you should know before you swipe right on Athena Scalzi: she's a creative writing major, a Capricorn, left-handed, thicker "than a bowl of oatmeal" and a "bit of a nihilist," according to her Tinder profile.


Pets of Oxford: Kroger Kitty beats FIV

Last April, my sister Tasha went to Kroger to get some groceries and came home with a kitten instead. She said a woman was standing outside the store with a box of kittens and by the time my sister got there only one was left. How could she not take him home?

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