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Local asparagus pictured from large to small.

Your guide to Oxford’s asparagus varieties

Local asparagus has been spotted at Oxford Farmers Market. Shoppers quickly buy up the supply, so it’s important to arrive at the market around 9 a.m., when it opens,  in order to take advantage of this newly-stocked item. 

The finished product

How to make the perfect hamburger

Frequent articles in The Miami Student this semester have documented unsuccessful attempts at cooking. May is National Hamburger Month, so it is the perfect time to learn the proper way to cook a burger at home that is tastier and healthier than fast-food options. 

Earth Day in Oxford

Oxford observes Earth Day 2024 with several activities, including EarthFest on Saturday, April 20, beginning at 10 a.m., in Oxford Memorial Park. Adjacent to EarthFest, Oxford’s weekly Farmers Market operates on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

There is a variety of mushrooms sold at MOON Co-op and grown at Guided By Mushroom's farm.

How Oxford celebrates The Day of the Mushroom

The Day of the Mushroom is April 16. It’s an occasion to celebrate all things mushrooms, primarily by consuming them and sharing fun facts. Here’s one fun fact: mushrooms breathe like humans – they take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

How to Celebrate Pi Day in Oxford

Mid-March brings many notable events, including Saint Patrick’s Day, the Ides of March, midterm examinations, Spring Break and Oxford’s notorious Green Beer Day. The most American of all mid-March celebrations is Pi Day on March 14.

From Luxembourg to the Oxford Farmer’s Market: Miami Merger operates pop-up bakery

Birch Creek Bakery, owned by Sasha Symon, first appeared at Oxford’s Farmers Market on a dark, cold January morning 14 months ago, when only the most intrepid of shoppers and growers were there. Sasha and her husband, Mike Symon, have quickly become fixtures at the market, offering artisan bread and pastries Sasha bakes. I buy one or two loaves and pastries from them every week.

Stir-fry options including tofu and seafood. 

The best rice to celebrate the end of the Chinese New Year

 Chinese New Year celebrations are going on now, including a 15-day period ending on Feb. 24 with the Lantern Festival, marking the first full moon of the year. During this celebration, people light lanterns to drive out darkness and bring hope for the coming year.