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Like it or not, HBO's 'Girls' is an important voice for millennials

"Girls" kicked off its sixth -- and last -- season on Feb. 12. The dramedy has been a magnet for public hostility since its 2012 premiere, chiefly stemming from controversial star and showrunner Lena Dunham. Complaints also generally decry its appallingly unlikable characters, as well as its nudity (excessive even by HBO's saucy standards).


'Feud' revitalizes legendary Old Hollywood squabble

In the age of diss tracks and subtweets, celebrity feuds are more rampant than ever. From Drake and Meek Mill to Taylor Swift and Kanye West/Katy Perry/(insert name here), it seems like half of Hollywood has a score to settle. "Feud: Bette and Joan" proves that this trend goes back decades by retelling a story of monumental celebrity warfare. Millennials may not be familiar with the lifetime rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, but they will instantly recognize their loathing in contemporary stars.


'Logan' delivers a fine superhero movie, better character drama

Wolverine has been the biggest player in the "X-Men" film franchise since it began way back in 2000, renewing the industry's fascination with superheroes and jump-starting Hugh Jackman's career. It's a shame, then, that his first two solo films as the clawed mutant never quite figured out what makes the character so intriguing to countless fans. However, Jackman's ninth(!) and final outing as Wolverine, "Logan," hones in on the most intriguing parts of the character with surprisingly powerful results.


It's okay to love Adam Sandler movies without shame

I pride myself on having generally good taste in comedy. I was raised on a steady diet of "Jeopardy," followed by "Seinfeld," during the weeknights of my youth. I have been known to check out numerous anthologies about the history of "Saturday Night Live" from my public library and thanks to many sleepless nights filled with Comedy Central stand-up specials, I have a well-developed understanding of the current comedy scene.


Dennis Estridge takes out the trash

It was quiet Uptown. Traffic lights cast red-and-green glows over leftover rain pooling in the street. The sidewalks were empty but littered with evidence of the Miami student population's Saturday night: Jimmy John's and Bruno's receipts plastering the sidewalk, crumpled balls of aluminum foil and half-eaten bagels lying abandoned by the curb.


'Get Out' turns contemporary racism into absurdist, comedic nightmare

Jordan Peele is known as one of today's greatest satirists largely because of his role in the comedy duo Key & Peele and their much-adored, dearly-missed sketch show. But who says he can only be funny? In his writing/directing solo debut, "Get Out," Peele crafts a clever satire on race relations that fuses his trademark humor with bone-chilling horror.


Comedy meets cannibalism in Netflix's 'Santa Clarita Diet'

In Netflix's horror-comedy "Santa Clarita Diet," Joel and Sheila Hammond (Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore) are realtors that have built a nice, if not routine, life in beautiful suburban California, complete with gossipy neighbors and an eternally ungrateful teenage daughter. That routine is quickly thrown out the window when Sheila begins vomiting an absurd amount, coughs up a strange red ball and falls unconscious.


'Slant Show:' Students plan variety sketch show

Ross Tague and Corinne McGoldrick sat facing each other in their usual booth. They added their voices to the cacophony inside Pulley Dinner, talking about late night television. Both of them wanted to go into TV when they graduated. After talking for a while, they came to a conclusion that there was nothing like late night TV.

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