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Kirby Davis

Caroline Calloway isn’t news

After reading Natalie Beach’s story in The Cut about her long, fraught friendship with social media influencer Caroline Calloway, I’m still not sure what the news factor is or why Calloway continues to grace headlines. Her story, which comes down to being a popular-but-scatterbrained Instagrammer, isn’t nearly as dramatic or gripping as that of Russian scammer Anna Sorokin, whose former friend Rachel DeLoache-Williams also published an article about her in Vanity Fair (and later penned a full-length memoir about their relationship).

RedHawk Snaps highlights MU students' party culture

Miami has two popular Snapchat accounts. One is controlled by the university and spotlights on-campus events and study abroad trips. The other tends to depict things the university does not endorse -- chiefly, nudity, illegal drug use and illegal alcohol use amongst students.

'13 Reasons Why' handles suicide irresponsibly

The trailer for "13 Reasons Why" seemed preposterous, and I'm a staunch proponent of young adult-targeted TV campiness; "Bunheads" and "Make It or Break it" rank among my favorite shows, and full disclosure, I still record "Teen Mom 2" to binge over breaks.

Controversial Pepsi ad misses the mark

Love or hate them, keep up with or renounce them, the Kardashian-Jenner clan and its affiliates (most recently: sugar-coated hair vitamins, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Blac Chyna) are almost comically inescapable. And the family members themselves do, undeniably, wield a lot of power in this nation, especially amongst millennials -- which is why Kendall Jenner's recently released ad campaign for Pepsi is so upsetting.

Green Beer Day goes on with amped-up police presence

Green Beer Day, Miami's annual 24-hour party binge, occurred again this year. Students donned commemorative t-shirts, trekked Uptown and downed green alcohol and bagels. From 2 a.m. on March 16 to 2 a.m. on March 17, the OPD cited 66 total offenses.

Competition rises for GBD apparel sales

Perhaps the only thing more ubiquitous on Green Beer Day than dyed alcohol and glittery shamrock facial tattoos is Green Beer Day apparel -- shirts, hats and other items melding topical memes with the beloved Miami holiday.