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Kirby Davis

University sexual assault policies aren’t great now. But they used to be worse.

In early December two years ago, I was waiting to hear back from the Office of Student Ethics and Conflict Resolution (OESCR) about the results of my sexual assault investigation. I reported an incident from my sophomore year. I didn’t know if reporting was the right thing to do, because while the incident met one of the standard definitions of sexual assault (“unwanted sexual” contact), it wasn’t rape. It took me awhile to realize maybe I had been assaulted, and much longer to stop hanging out with the guy I reported. But my friends and Title IX office employees assured me the incident was worth reporting, and I did. The guy was found “not responsible” of violating the Student Code of Conduct, meaning a panel of OESCR judges believed what happened was consensual.

‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ is what we (women) need in 2019

Last fall, when Netflix released “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” a soon-to-be-three-season spectacle of Satanic special effects and a love triangle on the side, the original “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” started streaming on Amazon Prime. The latter, which ran from 1996 to 2003, has a very different tone than “Chilling Adventures.” It’s a sitcom, not an hour-long drama, and full of delicious 1990s camp and velvet outfits. I watched all of it last fall. I can’t speak for “Chilling Adventures,” because I didn’t get through the first season, but “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” may be the most feminist TV show out there besides Freeform’s “The Bold Type.” There’s nothing more empowering than a funny, intelligent female witch being raised by two other funny, intelligent female witches, with no human male influence necessary (besides their cat, Salem, who’s very vocal).

Caroline Calloway isn’t news

After reading Natalie Beach’s story in The Cut about her long, fraught friendship with social media influencer Caroline Calloway, I’m still not sure what the news factor is or why Calloway continues to grace headlines. Her story, which comes down to being a popular-but-scatterbrained Instagrammer, isn’t nearly as dramatic or gripping as that of Russian scammer Anna Sorokin, whose former friend Rachel DeLoache-Williams also published an article about her in Vanity Fair (and later penned a full-length memoir about their relationship).

RedHawk Snaps highlights MU students' party culture

Miami has two popular Snapchat accounts. One is controlled by the university and spotlights on-campus events and study abroad trips. The other tends to depict things the university does not endorse -- chiefly, nudity, illegal drug use and illegal alcohol use amongst students.

'13 Reasons Why' handles suicide irresponsibly

The trailer for "13 Reasons Why" seemed preposterous, and I'm a staunch proponent of young adult-targeted TV campiness; "Bunheads" and "Make It or Break it" rank among my favorite shows, and full disclosure, I still record "Teen Mom 2" to binge over breaks.