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Ceili Doyle

Céilí Doyle is our managing editor. Her name was inspired by the 1991 Celtic rock band hit, “The Funky Céilí” and is pronounced like “kay-lee” and spelled like ceiling (minus the -ng). Céilí is a senior from the suburbs of Chicago and majors in journalism and political science. She has been writing and working for The Miami Student since the first week of her freshman year and can’t quite believe she’s in charge of it now. In the newsroom she spends most of her time harassing the staff to get their stories in, (“It’s like herding cats,” she says), and losing control of the aux. Last summer Céilí worked on the Metro Desk at The Columbus Dispatch and aspires to break the news for The Washington Post one day. In between hijinks at The Student you can find Céilí running at least five minutes late to class, hanging out with her roommates and trying to learn how to box. 

You can follow her on Twitter @cadoyle_18, where she is trying to cultivate a professional journalism brand.

They don’t call ‘em growing pains for nothing

“You need to do some meditation and realize you have to let people care for you,” one of my housemates texted me recently. I dismissed it. See, I thought I had checked off personal growth on my to-do list months ago.

Delts face jail

Eighteen current and former Miami University students and former brothers of the Delta Tau Delta (Delts) fraternity have been charged with a total of 68 counts of misdemeanor assault and hazing. The charges come one month after Miami suspended the fraternity for repeatedly assaulting a new member last spring during a fraternity brother Big/Little Reveal event.

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice

They called him “Red Lightning” in college. Red for short. Back home, in State College, Pennsylvania, they called him Sky Thomas. See, Matthew Robert Thomas was the kind of man who demanded a nickname.